I hadn’t forgotten about this series but the posts involved are time-consuming and I’ve sort of been distracted by the even more time-consuming Imaginary Compilation Albums in recent times.

Pogo A Go Go was made available, via mail order, by the NME in 1986. It featured nineteen tracks from the punk/new wave era

Echorich is a big supporter of this blog, and when I put the first of this series up away back in January 2015 he left the following comment:-

“My favorite freebies will hopefully find their way to this series – NME’s Rough Trade C81, Dancin’ Master and Jive Wire cassettes. These three set the standard for me. “

Happy to oblige amigo.

Side One

mp3 : Thompson Twins – In The Name Of Love
mp3 : David Gamson – No Turn On Red
mp3 : Leisure Process – Love Cascade
mp3 : Buzzz – Tonight’s Alright
mp3 : Pigbag – A Live Orangutango
mp3 : Aswad – Ghetto In The Sky
mp3 : Scritti Politti – Asylums In Jerusalem
mp3 : The Beat – Get A Job / Stand Down Margaret
mp3 : Gil Scott-Heron – B-Movie

Side Two

mp3 : Suicide – Dream Baby Dream
mp3 : Kraftwerk – Das Model
mp3 : Altered Images – Happy Birthday
mp3 : Theatre of Hate – Dreams Of Poppies
mp3 : The Gun Club – Ghost On The Highway
mp3 : Tav Falco’s Panther Burns – Ms. Froggy
mp3 : Black Uhuru – Happiness
mp3 : Defunkt – Illusions
mp3 : Rip Rig & Panic – Billy Eckstein’s Shirt Collar
mp3 : Carmel – Storm
mp3 : Vic Godard & Subway Sect – Just In Time
mp3 : Pablo – Madaleina

mp3 : Hidden track (rap/hip hop ad for NME)

It’s a real ragtag of a compilation and I’d be surprised if anyone who sent away for it (this was another of the NME mail-order offers) would have liked all 21 tracks.

There were bona-fide chart smashes with Altered Images and Kraftwerk (albeit the tape has the original German lyric for The Model). Politics was represented on both sides of the Atlantic with the still wonderful sounding Gil Scott Heron‘s attack on Reaganomics and The Beat‘s live medley that reflected life under Thatcher. There was music to swung your hips to and in particular David Gamson giving an early indication of the pop-style he would bring to later material from the then uber-indie Scritti Politti, and not forgetting a little bit of easy listening jazz that the style mags of the time were telling us would be dominating our listening habits for the rest of the decade – step forward Ms Carmel McCourt.

There’s also a couple of things that are soooooooo 80s and of their time – Leisure Process and The Thompson Twins stand accused and found guilty (although in the case of the former they get let off as they feature the bloke who was the lead singer in Glasgow new wavers Positive Noise).

Reggae, rockabilly and easy listening are also represented while there’s a couple of songs that were and remain, to my ears, just unlistenable – I’m talking in particular about Rip Rig and Panic and Defunkt. Oh and the hidden gem on the tape is the song by The Gun Club.

I kind of get the feeling that this was a tape in which every NME staffer got to choose one song or act that they were listening to at the time and as a result it is more disjointed than most.  But it does have about half a dozen that have stood up to the test of passing time….



  1. This is possibly the best one!! Agreed, that Gun Club track is white hot! Love having Leisure Process as well. I give big props to the Rip Rig + Panic track as well!
    Thanks JC!

  2. Really interesting collection. I’m a big Gun Club fan and always wondered how they came across overseas, being such a uniquely spooky American act. Weird to see them alongside Pigbag, Aswad, The (English) Beat, etc.

  3. I was so into Rip, Rig + Panic and Defunkt from college radio that I was listening to in 1981. 33 Years later I finally got the DLX RM of the first Rip, Rig + Panic LP, complete with [yes!] “Billy Eckstein’s Shirt Collar” as a bonus track! I still need that “Razor’s Edge” 12″ though! About four years ago I was able to buy a -sealed- copy of “Mighty Reel” which sounded understandably flawless. How I would like to find more of these for sale with the wrapper intact.

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