The band’s popularity at the beginning of 1987 was such that their third studio LP, The Cost Of Loving would hit #2 in the charts on the first week of its release, despite it being almost universally panned by critics in the music press.

I’m guessing that many fans were like me, thinking that the criticism was over the top and unjustified, and was in fact only being levelled at Paul Weller and The Style Council as some felt he needed taken down a peg or two.  Sadly, it turned out that the album was indeed a stinker, full of bland, occasionally clunky and instantly forgettable songs.

The proof of the pudding came four weeks after the album had been released when the second single lifted from it entered the charts at #52…..and dropped down a place the following week before disappearing altogether. This was unprecedented for a TSC single but in all honesty it was exactly what it deserved:-

mp3 : The Style Council – Waiting

I picked up the 7″ of the single for 20p in a bargain bin not long after its release, more for the sake of completeness than anything else but hoping I’d find a gem of a b-side.  Instead it was a strange and rather pretentious sounding strings-laden ballad that I think I played once and hadn’t listened to in nearly 30 years until resurrecting it for this series:-

mp3 : The Style Council – Francoise

Maybe I was a bit harsh or maybe my tastes have broadened a bit but it’s not quite as awful as I remember at the time.  But that is damning something with very faint praise.

It was at this point I turned my back on TSC, and indeed the remainder of the singles that will feature in this series have only been picked up over the past few years since I started up the blog and re-kindled an interest in vinyl.  As such, they will be viewed from a 21st century perspective rather than from the late 80s.



7 thoughts on “THE STYLE COUNCIL SINGLES (14)

  1. I found it hard to get past It Didn’t Matter at the time and probably only heard Waiting once. But I kept listening and mostly, buying… favourite TSC single is yet to come as is, separately, my favourite TSC lyric.

  2. Save for a release in 1988, I’d bailed after Walls Come Tumbling Down singles-wise. By 1987 I was so disinterested, I can’t even recall hearing Waiting. I can’t say it does a lot for me.

  3. I’ll pull up the minority voice here and state that I love The Cost Of Loving and it’s singles.

  4. Same from me. Imperceptibly and without consciously realising it at the time I had ceased to be a fan.

  5. The cost of loving has some fine moments. And some fantastic lyrics. Heavens above being the stand out along with the title track.
    Waiting is just a nice little love song.

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