The success of Our Favourite Shop made the release of a third single somewhat inevitable, but to be fair to the band they tried to offer fans something a wee bit different.

Which is why album favourite The Lodgers was given a fresh recording while the live sound of the band was captured to a fair degree for the b-sides. All told, 23 minutes of music were made available on the 12″ version of the single which in effect was almost like half-an-LP:-

mp3 : The Style Council – The Lodgers (extended version)
mp3 : The Style Council – The Big Boss Groove (live)
mp3 : The Style Council – Move On Up (live)
mp3 : The Style Council – Money Go Round/Soul Deep/Strength Of Your Nature medley (live)
mp3 : The Style Council – You’re The Best Thing (live)

I was quite excited at the prospect of the release, partly as the band had been an exciting force on the couple of occasions I’d caught them live. Sadly, it all turned out to be a bit flat. The re-worked version of the single wasn’t a patch on the album version while the live tracks, recorded in Liverpool and Manchester, just didn’t seem to capture the energy and force that I’d witnessed in Glasgow.

None of which stopped the single reaching a very respectable #13 in the UK singles charts in September 1985.


3 thoughts on “THE STYLE COUNCIL SINGLES (11)

  1. This is my other favourite Style Council single along with Long Hot Summer and You’re the Best Thing, and my fave of the second phase DC Lee incarnation of the band. I only ever purchased Cafe Bleu so have not heard the album version but will check it out.

  2. Thought this extended version of Lodgers was pretty good, although admittedly the instrumental section at the end does go on a bit. Any chance you can post the “patchier” album version?

  3. This might, along with The Blow Monkeys The Day After You (Celebrate) the most subversively anti-Thatcher songs I remember. Brilliant!!!

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