I haven’t been in and around blogworld much this past few days, and to those of you whose places I like visiting and leaving comments, then I promise to do so when I get my mind back focussed on things again, hopefully in the next couple of days.

Huge thanks to everyone who left such kind and lovely words after my posting a few days back when I had learned that a good friend had been given just 48 hours to live.

As with so much ever since he was initially diagnosed he proved them wrong yet again and that 48 hours ended up extended enough that I was able to get to see him one last time, to share some final happy thoughts and reflect on how lucky I am to know so many amazing people. He finally succumbed last night, but I’m adhering to his final wish and nor to be maudlin, sad or upset about it.

I noticed too that the music world lost another bright star the other day with the passing of Maurice White. I’ve admitted on these pages to having a soft spot for disco, and Maurice’s band were among the greatest exponents of the genre. Indeed, a few weeks back myself and Jacques the Kipper were at a football ground bemoaning the dreadful choice of music being played by the stadium announcer until this came on and made us both smile:-

Sheer brilliance.

PS : There was a comment from Webbie the other day after The Skids posting that linked to a September 2015 internet radio show from Gary Crowley in which he interviewed Richard Jobson.  It’s a tremendous show, packed with great punk/new wave tunes and a hilarious chat with Jobson that is chock-full of wonderful anecdotes as well as having some lovely words about the late Stewart Adamson


If you can’t be bothered with the music, then FF to the interview which begins at 61 minutes in….


  1. Hey JC. So sorry for your loss mate, but happy that you managed to see him before he passed. Sounds like he wants you to remember the good times; easier said than done, but I know you’ll give it your best shot. Chin up, and all that.

    On a cheerier note, glad to see we agree as to which Earth Wind & Fire record to post!

  2. Just want to say again here how much I loved the Richard Jobson interview. He is a really interesting and inspirational guy, and always entertaining. I have not yet seen any of his films but would like to give one a try to see what he’s all about as a film maker, Can anyone who has seen any recommend one?
    Also as the main part of the post was about the loss of your friend, JC, I just want to say how sad I was for you to read that and to say how much I enjoy this blog. This was obviously a really hard time and I appreciate that the blog is at times extremely personal and touching.

  3. Really sorry to hear about your loss JC. I can just about imagine how you might be feeling as I lost a friend to tongue cancer in 2014, not even 50 years old, and one of the nicest blokes ever. Also a mad music fan. Look after yourself mate.

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