Nobody laughed in my face last month when I ‘produced’ the first edition of Radio 236. So I thought I’d give it another go.

Once again it’s all music and no talking.  A little bit longer this time but still five minutes under the hour. It’s still a bit rough in terms of volume control but I’m getting there!

Tune in here:

Or feel free to download:-

mp3 : Various Artists – Radio 236 (2nd Episode)


Hello Again – BMX Bandits
Song 2 – Blur
Age Of Consent – New Order
Seether – Veruca Salt
I Saw You Blink – Stornoway
Batyar – The Ukranians
Fait Accompli – Curve
All On You (Perfume) – Paris Angels
Once In A Lifetime – Talking Heads
Yes – McAlmont & Butler
The Man Who Took On Love (And Won) – The Low Miffs & Malcolm Ross
Gold Digger – Kanye West feat. Jamie Foxx
Seven Seas – Echo & The Bunnymen
No Danger – The Delgados


Volume 3 should be with you next month.



2 thoughts on “RADIO 236 : THE NEXT EPISODE

  1. Hi JC,
    Great songs. Why not add some talking to it ? It will be great to hear the great information that you usually add to your blog. But, no rush. I know you are still getting some experience with the radio part..

  2. Oops, missed this yesterday. The very fact you have Age of Consent followed immediately by Seether makes this a more-than-worthy effort alone, but Batyar > Fait Accompli > All On You > Once In A Lifetime is simply the dog’s danglies of sequences!

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