Oh this seems to be a good way of lifting the black cloud that’s been hanging above this blog for a few days.

The next single from TSC to feature in this series was another well-deserved hit, reaching #6 in the charts in October 1984:-

mp3 : The Style Council – Shout To The Top

It was released in 7″ and 12″ (the respective sleeves are pictured above). It had all the hallmarks of an upbeat jaunty TSC single but this time with added strings.

The reverse of the sleeves indicated a few causes that the band thought were worth drawing attention to:-

– No! To the abolition of the GLC & local councils
– Yes! To the thrill of the romp
– Yes! To the Bengali Workers Association
– Yes! To a nuclear-free world
– Yes! To all involved ion animal rights
– Yes! To fanzines
– Yes! To Belief

The single came out in the midst of an ongoing and increasingly embittered national strike by the National Union of Miners with the UK becoming an increasingly polarised country in terms of politics and Paul Weller was firmly nailing his colours to the mast of those on the left of centre. The video for Shout To The Top featured paintings representing the strike and again left no viewer in doubt which side the band were on…

There’s no difference in the versions available on 7″ and 12″ and this was the common b-side:-

mp3 : The Style Council – The Ghosts of Dachau

A haunting ballad about the horrors of a Nazi concentration camp, it was as far removed from the jauntiness of the a-side as can be imagined.

There were two other tracks on the 12″

mp3 : The Style Council – Shout To The Top (instrumental)
mp3 : The Style Council – The Piccadilly Trail

The latter is a slow-paced number that was about as dull a b-side as the band had released up to this point in their career.


6 thoughts on “THE STYLE COUNCIL SINGLES (7)

  1. My favourite Style Council tune – anyone who knew me during my first term at Uni will vouch for this due to my incessant playing of it both in my room and on the bar juke box. I didn’t get as excited about a Weller composition again until I I heard Sunflower some nine years later.

  2. I’ve no doubt you’re not alone there Lee, but it didn’t do it for me then and still doesn’t more than 30 years on.

  3. What an amazing amount of spirit and conviction Shout It To The Top portrays. You can hear the release of energy in Weller’s vocals. A jazzy/soul groover too!

  4. Echorich….hope you read this. I tried to leave a comment over at your place. It would simply have said ‘thank you’ at the foot of your latest posting. Couldn’t do so with having a google account…sorry.

  5. JC – you are very welcome. I am very gratified that there was some collective recognition and common reaction among our small, but strong and wonderfully vocal corner of the blogosphere.

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