I genuinely had no intention of blogging on 1 January 2016. But things changed as a result of my investing in a new laptop to replace what had been a faithful 10-year old PC that was no longer fit for purpose. The old PC wasn’t great at doing anything beyond the most basic of operations and things I wanted to bring to the blog were proving beyond it.

Radio 236 (named after the number of the house I live in) is launching today. It’s basically a podcast without words and as I learn how to do things better with the new programmes available to me then it will improve. Episode 1 contains 14 songs in just under 53 minutes.

Tune in here:

Or feel free to download:-

mp3 : Various Artists – Radio 236 (1st Episode)

It sounds not too bad albeit it has been recorded a bit too quietly for my full liking.


Breaking Point – Bourgie Bourgie
A Punk – Vampire Weekend
Feed The Tree – Belly
No Bulbs – The Fall
Teardrop – Massive Attack
Nowhere Fast – The Smiths
Atheist Money – Adam Stafford
A Great Example To The Dogs – Lord Cut Glass
Friday Night At The Drive In Bingo – Jens Lekman
Sick, Tired & Drunk – The June Brides
This Corrosion – Lambchop
Water (Peel Session) – PJ Harvey
Man O’ Sand To Girl’ O Sea (single version) – The Go Betweens
Song From Under The Floorboards – Magazine



New Year….new (and returning) blogs to get excited about.

From Alex G : We Will Have Salad

From S-WC and The Badger : When You Can’t Remember Anything


6 thoughts on “RADIO 236 : THE FIRST EPISODE

  1. Happy new year all! As well as trying to lose weight, change jobs, defeat scammers, save the honeybee, run a marathon, build a thing that goes round and round, redecorate, write a book, and at some point actually get around to watching “Bambi”, I am also starting a blog. Usual thing, click on my name. (I really must think about a better screen name this year too.)

  2. This looks great, JC. Gotta keep it exciting, Not for us, of course. We love this place. I’m sure this is a healthy addition for you too. Happy new year to you and Mrs. Villain! Thanks for all of your efforts. Off to listen now.

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