I did think long and hard about how best to follow-up The Jam singles series and indeed had a couple of conversations with Jacques the Kipper and Aldo in which I floated a few potential ideas at them.  I won’t say anything more as it is likely I will return to those ideas sometime in the medium or long-term.

But in the end it seemed right to go straight into the singular adventures of The Style Council especially, as I mentioned in a previous post, there were just 105 days separating the release of Beat Surrender and the debut single from the new group formed by Paul Weller.

As I have previpusly confessed, I quickly got over the break up of The Jam.  My mindset was to accept that TSC were not in way, shape or form a re-incarnation of the old band and to give the music a chance.  The debut still remains a wonderfully, joyous and memorable piece of pop music:-

mp3 : The Style Council – Speak Like A Child

This was a commonly held view and it went to #4 in the UK charts upon its release in March 1983, fully vindicating the Modfather’s decision to move on.  Interesting to note that the drummer on the debut single was none other than Zeke Manyika who was of course at the time part of Orange Juice…another reason to enjoy the new song.

The b-side wasn’t as instantly likeable as the a-side but what it did show was that this new combo was as much about featuring the keyboard skills of Mick Talbot as it was a vehicle for Weller’s developing skills as a songwriter as he moved away altogether from angry anthems of disaffected youth.

mp3 : The Style Council – Party Chambers

Worth mentioning also that the single was only released on 7″ vinyl.


5 thoughts on “THE STYLE COUNCIL SINGLES (1)

  1. Speak Like A Child was as much a statement of intent as it was a resolution of the sound that grew out of The Gift. The Jam were no more, but Weller was certainly alive and kicking. Mick Talbot would make an amazing foil over the rest of the decade.

  2. Actually Probably cleverly More something of a hybrid between the last couple of Jam songs and what the SC would later be than an out and out radical statement of intent,this was nevertheless a confident and joyous pop song. the video on the bus withTracie!’s dancing was great fun too.

  3. Point taken Alex. It might be looked at that Cafe Bleu where thing really took off, but TSC was ever evolving and that was one of the best things about them.

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