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Hey JC

This is a change from an imaginary compilation, but I’m pretty sure I could do one for almost every singer/band mentioned – now there’s a challenge!

Anyway, a comment made a while ago got me thinking. It was on a Wedding Present / Cinerama related posting and it was along the lines of David Gedge being someone that the commenter, paulb3015 would most like as a friend.

I know it’s never a good idea to meet your heroes but I still think it would be great to spend an evening in the company of these musicians. I guess they all seem quite approachable to me and the sort of people that have a lot of stories and would be fun to be around.

So I give you the eight musicians I’d love to spend an evening with, be it for a beer or two or a meal all round a table, shooting the breeze. Eight seems about the right number – enough that you’d get to talk to everyone but not too many that no one can hear what anyone else is saying. And it would have to be the right mix of musicians – not too many egos.

They are not necessarily my all time favourite musicians or my favourite bands – in some cases they are – I just think they are all interesting people. One thing a lot of them have in common is that they like to tell a story when you see them live – I know that it can be the same story every night but as long as it seems like it’s off the cuff, I’m happy with that.

I haven’t worked out a seating plan but obviously there’s be two seats reserved for Mr and Mrs Vinyl Villain.

Kristin Hersh

Her music has been a constant in my life since I was about 18 – I’ve kind of grown up with her. I’m not an obsessive fan but I do try and see her whenever she performs. One of only two famous people to reply to me on Twitter (not that I use it very often), which makes her an all round nice person. (The other one was David Gedge)

mp3: Kristin Hersh – Sundrops (from ‘Hips and Makers’ LP)

Colin Meloy

Because he seems like a good bloke – a lot of The Decemberists’ songs are stories and he spins a good yarn on stage so I’m sure there would be plenty to talk about.

mp3 : The Decemberists – The Rake’s Song (from ‘The Hazards of Love’ LP)

David Gedge

I don’t need to explain this one – I’m pretty sure that every reader of TVV would want to have a beer with David Gedge.

mp3 : The Wedding Present – Give My Love To Kevin (acoustic) (from ‘George Best (plus)’ LP)

Leonard Cohen

I thought maybe Prince would be entertaining but I imagine everyone would just sit there dumbstruck thinking ‘Bloody hell – it’s Prince’ and no-one saying a word. Either that or he’d play ping pong with everyone and thrash them. But I thought it would be good to have an absolute megastar at the table, and someone much older – and someone who has been a hero of mine since my art student days. He’d bring a touch of wisdom to proceedings and his fantastic gravelly voice. And you never know he might feed us tea and oranges that come all the way from China.

mp3 : Leonard Cohen – Slow (from ‘Popular Problems’ LP)

Viv Albertine

A year ago she wouldn’t have been a dinner guest but her memoir ‘Clothes, Music, Boys’ is great – the best music book I’ve read this year – better than Kim Gordon and better than Eddie Argos (seriously). And she seems like a nice person – and normal. And because I love this song which is one of my favourite songs of the year (even though it came out a while ago, it’s new to me).

mp3 : Viv Albertine – Confessions of a MILF  (from ‘The Vermillion Borders’ LP)

Gruff Rhys

Because he took a puppet around America to try and find a Welsh-speaking tribe of native Americans. And he made a powerpoint presentation about it. And an album. And he weaves it all into a great story. And obviously because he is a Super Furry Animal.

mp3 : Gruff Rhys – Iolo (from ‘American Interior’ LP)

Holly Johnson

The first pop star that I really idolized – about 10 years ago I saw him in a shop and I was too star struck to go and say hello. His memoir is also worth a read.

mp3 : Frankie Goes to Hollywod – Relax (7” single)

Nicky Wire

The second Welshman – he’d make sure that it wasn’t all back slappery and coziness. Plus, if all else fails we can talk about sport – and he can give my daughter tips on applying eyeliner.

mp3 : Manic Street Preachers – Europa Geht Durch Mich (from ‘Futurology’ LP)

Anyway, I hope you like it – and it’s the sort of thing that fits in well on TVV.




  1. You know something I don’t want to have a beer with Dave Gedge. I would like to share a barrel.  

  2. I think you should include Billy Bragg as well: his little stories inbetween songs at live gigs always make me smile, if he comes up with a few of those at the table, it’ll be much of an enrichment for the round!

  3. This would make a terrific series! Almost as much fun as your “shuffle” series from a while back (for which I hope there’s a part 2 in the cards.)

  4. Obviously I knew this was coming and was hopeful it would get the sort of positive response from folk as is already being demonstrated. Feel free to fire in your own ideas and in due course I’ll find space to include them although with me about to go on holiday the postings for the next few weeks are already in place….so it will likely be the new year before this series takes off.

    For what it’s worth, xxxjim did ask who I would choose…and here’s what I said:-

    “On the basis that I can’t also have any of your guests…….

    I once did a posting that said I wanted to go down the pub with Tony Wilson and Bill Drummond and there’s no doubt that the latter will be on my list. I’d probably add in Stewart Henderson the label boss at Chemikal Underground and an ex Delgado purely on the basis that I’ve got to know him through a work related capacity this past 3 years and can vouch that he’d be incredible company at a social gathering.

    The other six off the top of my head??

    Jonathan Richman would likely be my legend; I’d like to ask Gillian Gilbert as she could tell the truth about New Order without any of the boys intimidating her. I’d invoke Chatham House rules to encourage her!!!

    Dr Dre as I’d love to hear all about hip hop and headphones….PJ Harvey as she fascinates me….

    The last two names are Jim-Bob Morrison from Carter USM and Billy Bragg as they are brilliant talkers……….”

  5. Oh and I meant to reply to Marie…..the shuffle series won’t be coming back. A lot of the songs that came up were those that subsequently led to a number of dmca notices in quick succession that ultimately led to google closing down the old blog without any advanc notice as I was lumped in with those sites that just pirate music. Don’t want the same thing to happen here.

  6. It is a brilliant idea, it’s true, but not sure who I’d have. I am increasingly anti-social in my old age and dinner parties are my idea of hell. Plus, most of the people I would want to invite are dead! Hmmm, have to give this one some thought…

  7. You could have two lists – live people and dead people!
    Strummer, Johnny Cash and Hank Williams would certainly feature in my dead list

  8. hey i’m glad everyone likes it…! thanks for the positive comments and for deeming it worthy of inclusion JC…

    after sending i realised i’d missed out samuel herring, jack white, kate bush, billy bragg etc etc… but i guess 8 seemed like a good number

  9. Genius idea. I’d be wary of meeting my heroes, but I’d love to have a sit down with at least a few: Bruce Thomas, Neko Case and Chris Difford come to mind.
    Some years back I spent two freezing mornings in a basement conference room in Manchester UK, taking the deposition of the original drummer of Herman’s Hermits, but that’s another story…

  10. Hard at work on my list…let’s see…drinkers, story spinners, nice faces to look at…I can cover this dinner party… THIS IS A GREAT THREAD!!

  11. I’m too shy in group situations, so a dinner party wouldn’t work for me unless it’s with friends of 20 years. Also, I’m not fond of listening to people who are full of themselves and I bet that most pop stars like the sound of their own voice. But I’d go down the pub with David G (or Gedgey as I like to call him) and maybe Kate Bush, who I imagine would be so awkward that she’d make me seem normal. Ha ha.

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