R-1089268-1235096691.jpegMalice/Precious had been followed a month or so later by the LP The Gift which had given the band their first ever #1 album. The problem was the album only had 10 tracks with two of these having been the previous double-A sided single and there was reluctance on the band’s part to authorise any further releases in the UK.

However, such was the clamour for material that a single from the parent album, released only in Holland, sold in such amazing quantities on import that it reached #8 in the UK singles chart in July 1982.  The demand was partly driven by the fact that its two b-sides were previously unreleased material, one being a cover that reflected Paul Weller‘s ever-growing infatuation with CND while the other was a completely new composition:-

mp3 : The Jam – Just Who Is The Five O’Clock Hero
mp3 : The Jam – War
mp3 : The Jam – The Great Depression

Can’t offer any alternative versions of any of these today….standards are slipping.

And just like That’s Entertainment, the previous import hit, this particular 45 was later given an official UK release in the UK but it didn’t break into the Top 100…..


2 thoughts on “THE JAM SINGLES (16)

  1. Sounds to me like 1982 Jam doing 1980 Jam (by numbers) but with something missing, the passion of yore. I imagine Paul Weller thought by this stage he could write stuff like this in his sleep and didn’t relish the thought of the groups’ urgency dissipating into jaunty live singalongs to tunes like this which is probably the closest he got to…..ugh “she’s electric” by oasis. This tune just kinda fizzles out.

  2. my own lack of commentary or observation will perhaps indicate that this was a release that really left me underwhelmed. Fizzles out is a great way of describing it Alex.

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