The thirteenth single contained a first in that it was a joint composition with the words attributed to Paul Weller and the music credited to The Jam.  It was also the first single to have the lyrics appear on the back of the sleeve.

It was released on 6 June 1981 and climbed to #4 in the singles charts. It’s 1983 re-release would only reach #82. Not bad for a song that was very untypical of the band.

mp3 : The Jam – Funeral Pyre
mp3 : The Jam – Disguises

The b-side was the second occasion the band had dipped into the back catalogue of The Who (the previous time being So Sad About Us as the flip-side to Tube Station and a poignant tribute to the then recently deceased Keith Moon).

There’s one additional version available today.  Lifted from The Jam at the BBC 2xCD, it is from a show entitled ‘Studio B15 live’ on 25 October 1981 (which was the day after the band had played for free at a CND rally in London). The downside is that after the cracking version of  the song ends you have to put up with about 40 seconds worth of an interview.

mp3 : The Jam – Funeral Pyre (live)/ interview


4 thoughts on “THE JAM SINGLES (13)

  1. One of my favorites – also enjoy that Funeral Pyre can cause a good deal of arguing as to its quality. Sound Affects was as close as The Jam got to being a Post Punk band and Funeral Pyre seems to have fed on some of the more aggressive sounds that were coming out in the decade as well.

  2. The darkest song by the Jam? Unique amongst their repertoire? Possibly. Either way this is absolute dynamite. I love it.

  3. The pulse quickens even just thinking about that magnificent drum solo! As a Yank, we had the helpful US Polydor EPs that consolidated two 7″ singles and a stray B-side here and there. After “Sound Affects” I bought it all until the near end of their run. But I got rid of the vinyl in ’85 and never got the CDs. I’ve been Jam-free for 30 years. If I wanted to hear this song now [and I do] I’d have to whip out the “Video Snap!” laserdisc.

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