7fat33_cover_lo-res_600x600_1ORIGINALLY POSTED ON WEDNESDAY 26 MARCH 2008

By now you’re probably all thinking its going to be really old stuff in this particular long-running bout of nostalgia. But as you can see from today’s posting, that ain’t necessarily so.

This was my favourite single of 2007. And it made such an impact on me, that its right up there as one of my favourite singles of all time.

I never imagined when I started this blogging lark that I would end up rediscovering such enthusiasm for new and fresh music. I always thought that was something best left to the kids. Certainly, when I was twenty years younger, there was a part of me that felt sorry for the old fogeys at the gigs I was at – I couldn’t help but think they looked so out-of-place.

Nowadays, I am that old fogey. And I don’t give a toss what anyone thinks of me. And If I can get down to the front of the gig, then all the better.

This lot are playing a tiny venue in Glasgow this coming Saturday evening**. And I’m going to be there are as they unveil the songs that are going to make up their forthcoming sophomore LP, as well as the older stuff.

Frightened Rabbit are a fantastic and exciting band. They’ve been increasing their fan base thanks to support slots with the likes of Sons & Daughters and Editors. It’s time they stepped out into the limelight.

Why this song? Its hard in some ways to put into words. I first heard it when Comrade Colin posted it over at his blog and just fell head over heels for it. I tracked down the LP the following day and it went immediately onto heavy rotation on the i-pod. Later in the year, a very slightly different mix was put out on 7″ vinyl, and that’s what I’m offering here:-

mp3 : Frightened Rabbit – Be Less Rude
mp3 : Frightened Rabbit – The Greys

I know…..some of you will be asking if this is really better than a single that hasn’t made the Top 45 such as Billy Bragg doing Levi Stubbs’ Tears?? Probably not….but as I said at the outset of all of this, there are some days when a particular song captures my mood and another doesn’t and where they feature in an all-time list will fluctuate.

But however you look at it, and whether you think it’s not worthy of a place in chart rundown of this nature, there’s no denying that both Be Less Rude and The Greys are great bits of modern indie-pop with a Scottish twist.

(** well, they were back in March 2008.  I doubt they’ll be doing so tonight!!)

One thought on “A LAZY STROLL DOWN MEMORY LANE : 45 45s AT 45 (43)

  1. Fantastic song, which I don’t think you need apologise for including in any list you want! History has proven this was a band with genuine talent.

    Me and my pal (both in our late 40s, and also old fogeys that the young ones must feel sorry for) have seen FR dozens of times over the years in an array of different venues in Edinburgh, Glasgow, Peebles, etc. They played Queens Hall (can’t remember the year) but it was an amazing gig with Grant obviously taken aback at how much adoration he was getting from the audience, who sang his songs back to him. Wonderful.

    I feel kind of sad that he now lives in America, though it will be interesting to hear how they sound now they’ve been reconstituted (minus Gordon) with Grant saying their new album was mostly composed by email and produced by Aaron Dessner (The National).

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