This is another lot whose inclusion on CD86 baffles me.

Hurrah! were one of four highly touted bands that emerged through Kitchenware Records in the north-east of England in the early to mid 80s – the others being Prefab Sprout, Martin Stephenson & The Daintees and The Kane Gang.  It was as far back as 1982 that the band released debut single The Sun Shines Here and by 1984 they were achieving success in the indie singles chart so to lump them in as part of a supposedly new movement two years further on doesn’t seem to make sense.

I was a fan of the Kitchenware product as it seemed to be a genuine attempt to replicate what had been done in Glasgow with Postcard Records a few years previous but I just never took to Hurrah! despite seeing them play live on a few occasions.  They were too much like The Alarm for my liking…..

They ended up being part of Arista Records thanks to Kitchenware having a tie-up with the major and in 1986 a video for new single Sweet Sanity courted controversy for the then scandalous act of having two people of the same-sex hold hands in the promo video. The following year they would open for U2 at a number of stadium gigs and also provide support to David Bowie.  They weren’t ever a band content with having a stab at indie-stardom.

The song on CD86 was one of the tracks on the 12″ release of the single with the ‘offensive’ video:-

mp3 : Hurrah! – Around and Around

Here’s the lead track:-

mp3 : Hurrah! – Sweet Sanity


3 thoughts on “NEXT YEAR’S NOSTALGIA FEST (Part 37 of 48)

  1. A tad harsh. The early singles collected together on boxed are great 3 mins of jangle. Got a bit U2 when they signed to a major.

  2. I have to concur. Hurrah spread it’s wings looking for mass appeal and that led them toward the U2 sun, but those early tracks are really quite special. There was just never going to be enough space in the national charts for too many bands who’s guitars jangled.

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