Just when you thought there was no way the The Jam could top the majesty of All Mod Cons they only go and release an incredible new single and arguably an even better b-side on 9 March 1979:-

mp3 : The Jam – Strange Town
mp3 : The Jam – The Butterfly Collector

A #15 hit on its initial release it too would be issued by Polydor Records on two more occasions – in 1980 and 1983  hitting #44 and #42 respectively.

Now I know from hearing both songs in concert during the six times that I saw the band (five times at the Glasgow Apollo and once at Edinburgh Ingliston – all between November 79 and November 82) that there are live versions of these songs floating around.  I just don’t have any to hand….so instead here’s a solo version from many years later:-

mp3 : Paul Weller – The Butterfly Collector (live)

And I’ve also dug out a track only made available on the 1997 boxset.  It was an unreleased demo, recorded back in 1978, with Paul Weller tinkling away on the ivories.  It’s a song whose verse didn’t warrant a proper recording and release, but have a listen to the bridge section and you’ll quickly clock on to where some of it ended up:-

mp3 : The Jam – Worlds Apart


3 thoughts on “THE JAM SINGLES (7)

  1. If I have to pick 5 favorite Jam songs of all time, The Butterfly Collector is one of the 5. But my original exposure to it was on the 1979 US Edition of All Mod Cons. It replaced Billy Hunt on this re-release. I’ve never seen the 1978 US Polydor version of the album that has Billy Hunt.
    But then to make it even more confusing, Strange Town was saved for release on Setting Sons, where, I might add, it makes complete sense.
    The US hasn’t been a singles market since the early 70’s and Polydor certainly knew this, but they also knew these two brilliant tracks needed to be heard.

  2. Weller was on fire at that point. How he recovered from the disaster that was This Is The Modern World to write All Mod Cons (and beyond) was quite incredible. Great documentary on Sky Arts the other night…

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