A question for all T(n)VV readers.

Is this a superior recording to Straight To Hell?

mp3 : M.I.A – Paper Planes

After much thought, I’ve concluded that it is…and given that I have the real thing in my Imaginary Clash LP, you can see just how highly I think of today’s track.




  1. Quite catchy. I remember this one coming up on Charity Chic Music some time ago. As I recall, it was well received by all, including die-hard Clash fans. In my opinion, if you take the Clash out of the verses, there isn’t much left. It reminds me of when Daniel Johnston sang over a Johnny Dankworth Big Band tune and called it Desperate Man Blues. Without the original, you have nothing. So, I have to give about 90 percent of the credit for this song to the Clash. Thankfully, they were given a shared songwriting credit. I hope the fellas made a mint. They certainly deserved it. Wreckx-N-Effect were not so lucky. That’s their song during the chorus, but they received no credit.

    So, with that, the Clash get my vote. Still, I can see how you could like Paper Planes.

  2. Yes. I posted this one a little while back too. I think M.I.A. really has a knack of using samples in a very creative way. I thnk we’re in a minority JC, but I’ve never thought of that as a bad thing.

  3. Certainly one of the best sample selections of all time, but without Straight To Hell there isn’t much more to it that makes it sand out. Straight To Hell is one of the last great songs from The Clash, one that I’ve known hard core Metal fans to even like.
    Have to agree with SA, this is a stand out track of the last 15 years and M.I.A. certainly has a knack for putting out some interesting, provoking music.

  4. I can happily listen to M.I.A. all day, Jimmy probably my most played. Tomorrow I’ll now be cueing up my Clash LPs but I think M.I.A. for me on this one as of this evening. Next up, Soho’s Hippychick and The Smith’s real thing JC?

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