I’m assuming that all regular readers will be aware of The Jam and so I’m not going to insult anyone’s intelligence by doing any potted history or bios. Instead, I’m going to use this new series as a way of giving myself a bit of an occasional rest by simply re-producing the sleeve, posting up the tracks and offering small bits of trivia and the occasional alternative version.

The debut single was released on 29 April 1977 and reached #40 in the singles charts, the first of 18 successive chart hits for the band.

It would go onto be re-released as a 7″ single by Polydor Records on three more occasions – in 1980, 1983 and 2002, hitting #40,, #47 and #36 respectively, meaning that its best chart performance was a full 25 years after its initial release.

mp3 : The Jam – In The City
mp3 : The Jam – Takin’ My Love

A live version, recorded at the 100 Club in London on 11 September 1977 was later made available on the live LP Dig The New Breed:-

mp3 : The Jam – In The City (live)

Two other versions on offer today.  The first is an alternative mix (possibly a demo) released as part of the Direction, Reaction Creation box set:-

mp3 : The Jam – In The City (version)

And finally, from a session recorded for John Peel on 26 April 1977 and broadcast six days later:-

mp3 : The Jam – In The City (Peel Session)


7 thoughts on “THE JAM SINGLES (1)

  1. It’s interesting to hear all these versions side by side and I was surprised to find that I enjoyed the ‘Direction, Reaction Creation’ alternative take best of all, but I guess that the times dictated that the most frantic and raw performance possible be released as a single and so that’s what we got.
    I’m looking forward to this series immensely.

  2. I always thought if you wanted to know why Paul split the band, you just had to listen to this their first single. He really had no choice.

  3. I am really looking forward to this series. Genius idea and thanks in advance!

  4. Echorich, tell me you were at the Jam show at the Palladium for ‘The Gift’ tour, where Josie Cotton was the opener?

  5. Yes JTFL, I saw The Jam 4 times – 3 at The Palladium, including the Trans Global Express Tour which I got to so early I was one of the first ten down the front…by then it general admission seating and the first 15 rows or so had been pulled out for standing room. That was a white hot show! It was so good, I couldn’t tell you a thing about the opening act – obliterated from my memory. But did Josie Cotton open that show or was it ABC around the same time on their Lexicon Tour?

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