File under a sad ending to a recording career.

Altered Images had signalled they were calling it a day but ensured that all touring dates would be honoured, including their first ever gigs in North America.  The record label decided it would be fitting to release one last song from Bite and so, in October 1983, this was released on 7″, 12″ and pic disc:-

mp3 : Altered Images – Change Of Heart

It was the third single from the Mike Chapman sessions to be released as a 45 which meant that only Another Lost Look from those sessions hadn’t seen light of day via that format, although you will recall that an alternative version of said song had been put on the b-side of single #9 Love To Stay.  But hang on, what’s this on the b-side of this latest single?

mp3 : Altered Images – Another Lost Look

There was absolutely no incentive to buy this single on 7″.  The two songs had been available for more than four months.  So what about the 12″?

Eh……there’s no extended or dance mix, the b-side is the same….and to rub salt into the wounds the label put the 7″ versions of Happy Birthday and I Could Be Happy onto it.

Absolutely pointless.  So it is no surprise that the single didn’t chart.

And that dear readers, concludes a look back at the ten singles released by Altered Images between March 1981 and October 1983. Collectively, they delivered three Top 10 placings, six Top 40 placings and a total of 60 weeks in the Top 75.

Next up in the singles series…………The Jam.

9 thoughts on “THE ALTERED IMAGES SINGLES (10)

  1. Thanks JC – have really enjoyed this series and finding out a lot more about Altered images than I previously knew

  2. Yes, great series, old friend, a shame though that you successfully managed to avoid mentioning the little dance session you once had with Claire …. looking forward to The Jam though!

  3. A great series, which I criminally didn’t comment on enough. Great to hear the tunes in sequence and to learn a fair few bits of info that had passed me by. Hope you managed to check out the Clare Grogan podcast I recommended.
    Bring on The Jam!

  4. A sad end indeed, a pointless release… and yet the song itself still manages to be punchy and wonderfully bittersweet.

    Also, it wasn’t quite the end of Altered Images. For the sake of completeness I feel we should mention that Clare and Stephen Lironi recorded and released two brand new songs under the Altered Images moniker for the compilation album Destiny: The Hits in 2003 (Small Without Me and Las Vegas Lullaby).

    I really enjoyed the podcast recommended by the Swede. In that spirit, I thought I’d post a link to a song Clare sang for the film The Penalty King in 2006, just in case some of your readers haven’t discovered this for themselves:

  5. Well done and well enjoyed JC. Yes not all things come to a happy ending… Now as for The Jam…THAT will be an undertaking!! Looking forward to it!

  6. Ah well, sorry, JC! It’s partly age and memory (thanks Jonny!!) and partly the fact that I was on holiday when it was posted and probably I didn’t read the stuff that I did miss (not only on this blog , mind you) all too carefully when I got back home … sorry!

  7. I Remember someone else used to sing “change of heart” original recording of Altered Images but i never new the name of the band it sounded similar as the Ramones. Any information of tha version? I’ll be gratefully if somebody knows the name of the band.

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