What a comeback!!

Altered Images might have been battered and bruised from he criticism that came in the wake of the release of Pinky Blue but they bounced back in style with their seventh single.

The band had gone into the studio in the autumn of 1982 to work alongside producer Mike Chapman who had rightly received huge credit for his work on Parallel Lines by Blondie.  But it was a band with a different line-up; drummer Tich Anderson (who had been a co-founder of Altered Images) and guitarist Jim McKinven (who had joined after the first two singles had been recorded) had left the line-up and in their place came the multi-talented Stephen Lironi who would fill-in at the initial sessions on both drums and guitar. It was also a band with a different attitude no longer afraid to make music which harked backed to their new wave roots.

The first thing to emerge from the new collaboration was Don’t Talk To Me About Love, a song that I’m prepared to say is a timeless classic in the history of the pop single. It was incredibly unexpected both in terms of quality and sound.  If it wasn’t for the fact that Clare Grogan had such a distinctive vocal style I don’t think any of the fans of old would have guessed which band was behind the music.

It was released in March 1983 and sold well enough in its first week to enter the charts at #36.  The band continued to work really hard at promoting the single with appearances all sorts of TV shows and it was no surprise that the following week it had jumped twenty-four places before then going Top 10 on the back of what was a memorable Top of the Pops appearance with Clare looking sexier than ever in a leather skirt.

Incidentally, this was proving to be a particularly golden time for Scottish music as Eurythmics, Orange Juice, Aztec Camera and Big Country were all enjoying singles success for the first time in their careers.  As indeed were New Order as Blue Monday began its first rise up the charts.

This single was released in 7″ and 12″ editions:-


mp3 : Altered Images – Don’t Talk To Me About Love
mp3 : Altered Images – Last Goodbye


mp3 : Altered Images – Don’t Talk To Me About Love (extended version)

The 7″ also came as a picture disc.  Sad man that I am, I pinned said disc on my wall so that the lovely Clare gazed down on me…….


The b-side is a bit disposable and forgettable, but its more than made up for by the fact that the extended version of the single works so well.


NB : About three hours after this post originally appeared, the full 12″ version was added as a link and not simply the abridged extended version as made available on certain CD compilations.  Please see comments section for detailed explanation!!


14 thoughts on “THE ALTERED IMAGES SINGLES (7)

  1. Is this the full length 8:30 extended mix from the 12″ ? (sorry – can’t download right now as on the move…on an iPad). It’s never been issued digitally to my knowledge.

  2. As of 8am it is Guy!!!

    That’ll teach me not to be lazy and to burn the vinyl versions at all times. I hadn’t ever clocked that the digitally available version was that bit shorter in length. Apologies to all concerned for lack of quality control. Have made myself late for work sorting it out…..

  3. The 12″ is my favourite thing they recorded. You are right it is timeless

  4. You’re spot on – absolutely timeless. We’re now into the finest (and, tragically, final) chapters of the band’s work.

  5. I’m pretty sure the version of the song which runs for just over 6 minutes and which features on most compilations was the original 12″ version of the single that was released in the U.S. Who says they do everything bigger and better?!

    I remember being surprised at first about Altered Images going pure pop and also writing about love, but the sheer class that exudes from it won me over in spite of my indie-kid credentials. I like Last Goodbye too, I think it’s a pretty decent pop song. It was included on the cassette version of Bite, so to be fair it probably ingratiated itself with me more by being played so often on that. I didn’t normally buy cassettes, but I bought Bite on cassette because there was one track on it I didn’t have. I may well have been obsessed…

  6. I bought one particular LP on cassette for tracks I didn’t have….so thanks for sparking that memory and inspiring a future post.

  7. Hmm, on double-checking Discogs, it seems that the US 12″ of DTTMAL came in at 6:10, whereas the version on Bite Plus is 7:01, so they’re not the same after all. But I’m glad you’re being inspired about future posts JC – your enthusiasm and knowledge for your subject makes for a very enjoyable read, so thanks yerself, and keep up the good work!

  8. After over 30 years, and finally having gotten “Bite +” for less than a fortune some years after it was released, I found out about the 12″ mix snafu for “Don’t Talk To Me About Love” just a short while back! I had the US 12″ ever since it was released, and I’ve never seen the UK pressing for sale here, so this came as a shock to me last year when I found out about this. Were any of the recent AI DLX RMs not flawed in some way?

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