This particular song I only have via picking it up on a homemade compilation from an old blogger and so I’m totally indebted to a blog called Worthless Trash for the following:-

Baby’s Got A Gun, consisting of Garry Borland (vocals), Richard Simpson (guitar), Jacqui Crane (bass) and Murray Dalglish (drums) formed in 1985 in East Kilbride and were noted for the inclusion of Murray Dalglish formerly a drummer with The Jesus And Mary Chain.  The following year they moved to Edinburgh where there were more gig opportunities.  Jock McDonald of The Bollock Brothers became the band’s manager after catching one of their gigs which led to the release of this 12″ EP on his MBC label.

01 – Suicide Girl
02 – I Don’t Mind
03 – I Don’t Wanna Be Found
04 – She’s A Sidewalker

Released in April 1987, it was pretty much ignored by the music press. The 4 tracks are best described as sounding like C86-era Soup Dragons if they had been hooked on Fulham Fallout rather than Love Bites. The first two tracks, produced by Donald MacLeod, were recorded in early 1987. Side two came from a self produced demo recorded the previous year.

In 1990 Baby’s Got A Gun would release a single Take The Ride and an album Up for the No Mercy label in a more rockier direction, though by that time both Jacqui and Murray had been replaced by a new rhythm section.

mp3 : Baby’s Got A Gun – Suicide Girl

It’s a cracking bit of music that is ridiculously catchy and with a fab guitar solo thrown in too.



  1. As a bit of an indie kid who spent all his spare cash on records in the 80s, I’m kind of surprised I’ve never heard of Baby’s Got A Gun. What a great song though; I’m hoping to add this 12″ to my vinyl collection soon!

  2. I had this on a tape made for me by Jimbo from the Dune Buggy Attack Battalion, along with a track called I Can’t Help Myself, which is awesome. I haven’t heard this for 20 years, but had a dream this morning where I was singing it to a chap in a wheelchair (‘But it happens all the time/I can’t stand up for falling down/I can’t help it, can’t help myself/from loving you’) ….brains are strange.

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