Baby Chaos formed in 1992 in the town of Stewarton which is just over 20 miles south-west of Glasgow. A four-piece consisting of Chris Gordon (vocals/guitar), Grant McFarlane (guitar), Bobby Dunn (bass) and Davy Greenwood (drums), they were very much influenced by the rock sounds from America that were so popular at the time.  I saw them back in 1994 on an eclectic bill that was part of Sounds In the City type event that Glasgow was host city to and they were very good at what they did, albeit it felt as if the increasing growth of Britpop would soon see them pushed somewhat to the margins and into hard rock/Kerrang territory.  Which turned out to be the case….

Over a three-year period between 1993 and 1996 they recorded and released a handful of singles and two albums, all of which were given the thumbs-up in the specialist rock publications but which were mostly ignored by the more mainstream music weeklies.

The departure of their drummer through a heart problem led to the band breaking up but frontman Chris Gordon remained active in other bands as well as at the production desk which was partly the reason why Baby Chaos remained a band that many up and coming rock musicians namechecked as being an influence.

Like many other bands from that era, the idea of reforming was an attractive and reasonably lucrative one and so earlier this year, the first new material in almost 20 years from the band was released, again to a fair amount of critical acclaim.

I’ve a couple of their early singles on CD sitting on the shelf.  This was their fourth single which came out in late 1994 around the time of their debut LP, the brilliantly titled Safe Sex Designer Drugs & The Death of Rock’n’Roll:-

mp3 : Baby Chaos – Hello Victim




  1. Compressed downstroked guitar lead in, followed by by a blaring chorus with heavy vocals, then ease off a bit and do it again. This sound was to 1993 what the Yamaha DX-7 was to 1983. Cannot tell you how many post -‘Nevermind’ bands sounded EXACTLY like this for at least 3 years after Cobain shot himself. We’re in the midst of an electro revival of sorts; so the grunge revival should be along in, what, two years?

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