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Here’s an absolutely outstanding song from an otherwise underwhelming album:-

mp3 : Aztec Camera – Killermont Street

The closing track on Love, the record that spawned Somewhere In My Heart the band’s biggest and best known hit.

Killermont Street was the location of one of the bus stations that served Glasgow in the 60s and early 70s and in due course would be the street on which the new Buchanan Bus Station would be built in 1977. This is where a young Roddy Frame would need to make his way to head home of an evening and back to East Kilbride a journey that I’m sure saw him sitting on the top deck of the bright red bus dreaming of future days when his talents would take him all over the world.

And when that came to pass, it seems so fitting that he would see fit to pen this wonderful tribute to his adopted home city and to link it to the actual nearby town where he grew up, both of which by the late 80s were suffering as a consequence of the policies of an unsympathetic right-wing government content to see a dismantling of the traditions that had built Glasgow and its surroundings.

This one is dedicated to Drew who resides Across The Kitchen Table.  We must be due a pint again soon amigo…..



  1. I have been thinking the same thing recently JC. We really need to get together soon.

    I have to take issue with you over Love been an underwhelming album. Sure it suffers from that horrible 80s production but if you can get by that there are some absolutely lovely songs, How Men Are, Working In A Gold Mine etc.

    Are you going to see him next month at the Bandstand? It was a bit too pricey for me unfortunately.

  2. Cheers Drew. Will drop you a text in coming days.

    I liked the bandstand gigs last year and was determined to do at least one this year and in the end decided on Roddy. Looking forward to it….

  3. Jim went to see Roddy @ the concert hall last year & thought it surreal when he sang Killermont Street which as you know is literally yards away from the stage he was performing on. Re the Bandstand gigs I hope you are on Fatherson’s guest list for the Sunday gig !

    Son of the rock (longstanding reader & very very very occasional commentor)

  4. Great to hear from you SoTR…..hope life is treating you well. Hopefully your shift patterns will allow you to get along to a Sons v Rovers match next season and we can catch up….

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