Any doubts at all that Altered Images were now one the UK’s most fully fledged and successful pop bands were surely dispelled with the release of See Those Eyes in March 1982.  Just twelve months earlier they had been associated with the post-punk movement, championed by the Banshees and John Peel.  There was no question now that they were making every effort to offer a much wider appeal to the masses.

I had no issues with this whatsoever.  The band was still very much true to their Glasgow roots – the fame offered by hit singles and TV appearances hadn’t changed things. Clare Grogan and the boys were still very happy to go to their regular haunts around the city even to the extent where the lead singer could spend her Saturdays dancing night away in student unions knowing fine well that this is where she would hear her favourite music.  The downside to that of course was that drunk students would pester her, and in extreme cases have some fun dancing with her for two or three records in a row only to spoil it all by proclaiming their undying love for her and asking for her hand in marriage. I should know….as I was that drunk student.  The venue was Level 8 at Strathclyde University and the proposal was turned down with a very firm, but admittedly fair, ‘Fuck off creep!’

See Those Eyes is a cracking piece of disposable pop music and deserved to match the Top 10 success of the previous two singles.  As it was, it peaked at #11 during what was just a seven week stay in the charts, so it was clear that this 45 had sold far fewer copies than the singles of late 1981.

It was released in 7″ and 12″ editions:-


mp3 : Altered Images – See Those Eyes
mp3 : Altered Images – How About That (I’ve Missed My Train)


mp3 : Altered Images – See Those Eyes (extended)

The 12″ in effect was the 7″ single with a remix tagged on as a sort of overture. The child’s contribution at the start is courtesy of Big Jimmy Rushent who I’m assuming was the toddler son of the producer.

The b side was also something rather strange.  It was a self-produced number that took the tune of the A Day’s Wait, the flop second single from just under a year earlier, and changed the lyrics to provide us with song about turning up at the station just too late to hop on board the choo-choo.  Bizarre to say the least and also a tad worrying as it meant the two most recent Rushent-produced  singles had seen the band revisit old material for the b-sides.  They were either short of songs or wanted to send subliminal messages to fans of old that they were still in touch with their roots. Subsequent events with the sophomore LP would prove it was more of the former….



  1. Not sure I would call See Those Eyes as disposable. I Could Be Happy was much more chart fodder to these years than See Those Eyes. I remember how my friends and I, all VERY BIG FANS of the early singles, were more secure with See Those Eyes than the prior two singles. The opening poppy sound gives in to a bit more of a post sound pretty quickly and Clare’s “you don’t care about…” coda is angry and almost violent. It’s far from a sweet song and that’s what makes it SO SPECIAL!

  2. I was 10 when this came out and loved it! It’s the one Altered Images record I actually bought. I agree with Echorich – the “You don’t care about…” coda is great.

  3. Rich on, Echorich! No band were more expert in couching venom in treacle than Altered Imaged in their heyday! It’s what made them fascinating.

  4. You were told to fuck off by Clare Grogan? You lucky bugger. I keep forgetting to leave a comment, but I’m thoroughly enjoying this series.

  5. This is my least favourite Altered Images, but not for any musical reason! When I went to buy the 12″ I couldn’t get one with a picture cover, which was annoying enough, however added to that when I rushed home to play it (as I used to do in those days – ah, youth!) the record jumped. Worse still, the lady at Callers Department Store in Newcastle refused to exchange it. They stopped selling records soon after that, and no wonder with service like that. But I still have that jumping 12″ in its boring generic Epic sleeve. Not that I’m bitter or hold a grudge or anything….

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