SW-C has been in touch seeking some help in a crucially important aspect of his life from the esteemed readers of T(n)VV.

I would ask that you all back his heartfelt appeal.  I’ve kicked things off with a PS…..

Ipod Fridays

Working in an open plan office has its draw backs. The main one, other than the people, is the radio. In my office ours is stuck to Radio 2 – which was the station of choice following the dramatic vote that we had some weeks back. Classic FM was second so it’s not all bad. I usually plug into my Ipod and drown out the nonsense dribbling out of Ken Bruce’s mouth, however about six weeks ago our hipster manager had an idea. Ipod Friday.

The concept was that every Friday morning, the radio would be replaced by someone in the office’s Ipod – they would then have no more than three hours to play anything that they wanted to the rest of the office (whether they chose to listen or not). It is supposed to stimulate debate, teamwork and camaraderie. At first people were horrified, largely because they can’t live without hearing Popmaster every sodding day. But then the first Ipod Friday occurred.

It fell to David, a quiet fifty something, to produce the first playlist, and that morning we listened to three hours of top-notch Northern Soul and it was wonderful. From then on, people in the office started to look forward to Ipod Fridays, the week after David was Marie, she produced two hours of mostly decent Britpop and then ruined it by playing thirty minutes of Paloma Faith. I’ve barely spoken to her since. Next up A young guy called Matt, played three hours of electronica including Aphex Twin and Boards of Canada, which was cool. After that it tailed off, the music has got a bit ‘mumsy’ lots of George Ezra singing about ‘catching the train to Australia’ (what you on about you trumpet faced fool?) a bit of Sam Smith and Coldplay, obviously.

On May 29th its my turn. So I have roughly two weeks to produce a set list for the rest of the office and to be honest I am a bit stuck. I kind of want to do a theme but kind of want to just stick the Ipod on random for three hours and see what happens.

Some of the themes that I have looked at include: –

1. Music that has featured in a film.

There is an almost endless list of these, even if I listed my favourite forty films of the last thirty years or so I could probably produce a pretty cool set list.

mp3 : Magnet – Willow’s Song

and I imagine that for some of the males reading this song will provide you with some happy memories. I should also state that the only version I have is from a chilled out mix CD so it might end abruptly, if anyone has the full version I’d love a copy.

2.  Cover versions only

Just last week I was listening to an old Maximo Park album and this came on it – a cover version of the Julie Cruise classic that I really didn’t remember being there. I’ve said before that I love a good cover version, so could easily work my way through three hours worth.

mp3 : Maximo Park – Falling

3.  My Favourite Tracks of 2015

Miniskirt by Braids is I think the best track released this year, it is a track that I heard in a shop in Exeter about two months ago, I was waiting for a sandwich, and had to ask the guy serving what it was. I went home and downloaded it straight away. Saying that the latest single from Girls Names ‘Zero Triptych’ is just as awesome.

mp3 : Braids – Miniskirt

4.  Tracks from the Forty Albums you should hear before I am forty.

This is a list I started at my now defunct (and never to be resurrected) blog When You Can’t Remember Anything, I got to Number 32, but I did produce the full list and a Spotify Set list of it, so I could cheat and use that.

mp3 : Four Tet – She Moves She

5. A Random List of about forty tunes

Starting with this……

mp3 : Death Grips – Beware

So have readers any other ideas – any suggestions gratefully received and if anyone is interested I’ll post the full set list when I have compiled it.

Thanks for Reading


PS from JC

Given the recent general election results down in England where a great many people voted for the Tories on the basis that they couldn’t bear to see any sort of coalition that would give power or a platform to the Scottish National Party (SNP), I’d propose a set list entitled ‘Honestly…..Scotland isn’t too bad’ and have forty tunes from singers/bands who are entirely from that little corner of planet earth. Hell, I’d even be prepared to compile something myself!!


  1. I could offer 40 Welsh tunes from one Westcountry boy to another. Though last week’s Welsh Wednesday track might be best avoided in the workplace…

    I’d go with the cover versions though. Try the Blue Aeroplanes version of ‘Bad Moon Rising’, my second fave cover ever (after This Mortal Coil’s ‘Song To The Siren’).

  2. Yes, I’d go for the covers too as a starter, because, as my boss in the club where I DJ’d at used to say: “can’t you at least sometimes play with a bit of recognition value, Dirk?” The next time it’s your round again you can come up with something more obscure, but you’ve already won their hearts with the covers …

  3. I suspect you’re taking this task a lot more seriously than your colleagues!

    I’m all for broadening people’s horizons, so I’d probably go for favourite tracks of 2015. I’d include Max Jury ‘Home’, Chastity Belt ‘Time to go home’, The Helio Sequence ‘Stoic Resemblance’, Blur ‘Ong Ong’, The Boys ‘Us’ and possibly most appropriate for you Idlewild’s ‘So Many Things To Decide’….

    Good luck!

  4. Covers it should be. How about Bowie’s version of Pablo Picasso or Wire’s Roadrunner, both Modern Lovers covers.
    Or, if you go for JC’s idea, It’s Over by BEF and Billy Mackenzie.

  5. Covers, but only of Beatles songs. You’ll have a shiny happy Office, believe me.
    (I own more than 20 Beatles tributes, if you need some help…)

  6. This sounds a recipe for office mayhem. But the covers idea is a good one. You might want an hour of Weddoes covers, starting with Back for Good (though I’d also slip in Josh Rouse’s Straight To Hell).

  7. Well, if the (n)VV readership consensus is going to be a covers set I’ll throw in…Fiona Apple and Jon Brion doing ‘Everyday’ by Buddy Holly. It’s a known song, it’s got both male and female vocals, it’s a recent-ish recording, it’s not too long and they do a great job. Found on the ‘Rave on Buddy Holly’ compilation from 2011. Looking forward to seeing the eventual list.

  8. I vote for the Covers Playlist! Just the idea of exposing people to Billy Mackenzie’s B.E.F. rendition of Secret Life Of Arabia is worth all the “who was that” questions it will illicit. Trip them up with The Colourfield’s version of She and then slay ’em with Aztec Camera’s version of VH’s Jump…

  9. Thanks all. I’ll go with the consensus. Covers it is. Although I think I will probably not make it all covers just to keep things interesting. I will post the list for you to comment on.

  10. i did a covers show earlier this year… i’ve got plenty of good ones if you need any…

    also done a show featuring swearing… possibly not ideal for the office… but you never know… it would get people talking…

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