Brushing aside the disappointment of the debut single failing to bring the commercial success that it merited attention soon turned to the band getting back into the studio to begin work on the debut album.  It was felt by all concerned that continued work with Steve Severin represented the best chance of getting into the charts with the band still very much aimed at the indie end of the spectrum rather than all out pop music as can be evidenced by their next bit of vinyl.

It was May 1981 that A Day’s Wait was issued as a 7″ single.  I recall hearing it for the first time on an evening show on the local commercial radio station and the highly popular DJ, who was spinning it in response to a request, being quite dismissive of it.  I wasn’t sure of it myself initially as it didn’t quite have the same impact as the debut single but nevertheless bought a copy with some of the earnings from my paper round.  It proved to be one of those 45s that, having taken five or six listens to get used to, but became a firm favourite as something in my brain and the sounds coming from my new stereo record player clicked.

mp3 : Altered Images – A Day’s Wait

The problem was that most DJs had the same opinion as the commercial station bloke and the record received minimal airplay and disappeared off the radar all too quickly having generated ridiculously low sales.  It was a worrying time for all concerned and was a contributing factor to the departure of founder member Gerard ‘Ceasar’ McInulty who was replaced on guitar duties by Jim McKinven.

The b-side was another unsettling Banshees type track:-

mp3 : Altered Images – Who Cares?

The band, just two flop singles in, were at a crossroads.  Nobody could have predicted what happened next…



  1. I am still in shock that Gary kemp wrote true about his unrequited love for Claire grogan who he was good friends with.

  2. Jen….its more an edit than anything else. Caesar is credited with the guitar on the LP version.

  3. Here Clare takes her us from stark and dark to moody and sexy. Both of the first two AI singles were on constant rotation on NYC college radio and a burgeoning alternative/new wave commercial radio. I have a hard time choosing between the first two singles as a favorite of Altered Images and maybe it’s because they are both so good.

  4. That slow, patient build up also took a while to wheedle its way into my brain, but once it did I loved it almost as much as ‘Dead Popstars’. The simplicity of it is quite wonderful I think. ‘Who Cares?’ is a fantastic b-side. I would have liked ‘Who Cares?’ on the debut album instead of ‘Happy Birthday’ – not because I don’t like that song (I do) but because I just think ‘Happy Birthday’ is so at odds with everything else on that album.

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