My intention this week is to feature songs by bands that I have a lot of time for but without ever at any time becoming the sort of fan who rushed out and bought loads of their singles and albums. All of them have a superb discography and are worthy of a feature in the ‘Imaginary Compilation Album’ series except that I can’t claim to have enough knowledge to do justice to any such feature.

I’m starting things off with The Charlatans, a band that has been making music, mostly of a very high quality, for quarter of a century during which they have had more than the fair share of adversity and tragedy to overcome.

The sustained popularity of the band can be evidenced by the fact that all twelve studio albums have gone Top 40, including three hitting #1 and a further two reaching #2. They have also cracked the Top 30 of the singles charts on seventeen occasions, including this #19 effort back in February 1992:-

mp3 : The Charlatans – Weirdo

One of the few words in the dictionary where the rule of thumb (i before the e except after c) doesn’t apply.

I’m very fond of this particular track. The keyboards of the late Rob Collins are a joy to behold and it is a superb dance number. The other tracks on the CD single aren’t shabby either:-

mp3 : The Charlatans – Theme From ‘The Wish’
mp3 : The Charlatans – Weirdo (alternate take)
mp3 : The Charlatans – Sproston Green (U.S. Version)

I’ll surely one day get round to posting a review of Telling Stories, the excellent and hugely enjoyable autobiography of lead singer Tim Burgess. It’ll be another good excuse to post more stuff by this very talented group of musicians.



  1. The Charlatans have long been one of my fave bands, though of late I’ve been a little disappointed with their output. Weirdo is a great track, one of their best. That version of Sproston Green is amazing too, though any version of Sproston Green is generally better than your average track. I’d do an Imaginary Compilation for you, but I’ve had my turn and I don’t want to be greedy…

  2. Excellent track. I’m not normally one to recommend ‘best of’ albums but ‘Melting Pot’ by The Charlatans is as good a retrospective on this bands early work as you will ever need.  

  3. funnily enough i had indian rope on my turntable at the weekend…

    and therobster’s got it right… sorption green – especially that version is great

  4. Yep, his autobiography is flipping’ great and they are indeed a stupendous band. On the down side – the “i” before “e” thing is a bit if a fallacy.

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