This is of course a blog that is heavily dependant on vinyl and I feel I have to use today’s posting to ease my slightly guilty conscience.

For all that I love Ask Johnny Dee/Pop Anarchy! released in in November 1989 on Subway Organisation, I don’t own a physical copy.  The a-side was taken from a compilation CD while the b-side was purchased specially via i-tunes just so that it could feature.

What I do own however, is a 12″ single by The Chesterfields released in August 1988 on Household  Records.  It is not as immediate and catchy as yesterday’s song but it is still a cracking 45 with the addition of brass helping things move along at a brisk pace a la The June Brides:-

mp3 : The Chesterfields – Blame

Here’s yer two ok but not great b-sides:-

mp3 : The Chesterfields – Male Bimbo
mp3 : The Chesterfields – I’ve Got To Hand It To You


One thought on “NEXT YEAR’S NOSTALGIA FEST (Part 12a of 48)

  1. Hi JC. Interesting that by 1988 the exclamation point is gone from their name. Blame is OK in my book, but there are others I like better, specifically Shame About the Rain, Completely and Utterly and especially Sweet Revenge from the A Guitar in Your Bath EP. All of these are earlier songs from the Subway days. Of course, none of these are as good as the songs you featured yesterday.

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