Billy MacKenzie

I recently sent Sid Law an e-mail with a great big ‘thank you’ on behalf of everyone for his words and songs in the recent Billy Mackenzie series. Here’s his lovely reply:-

I’m really glad the Billy posts were appreciated by your Vinyl Villain readers. I am awfie glad that people took the time to download some of the music I sent on to you, I hope it casts a little more colour and light on Billy and the range of his music. Billy and The Associates left behind a legacy of some very fine work which was remastered and expanded in the Virgin re-issues. For me the tragedy was always what was missed from the re-issue schedules, the weird collaborations, the mental B-sides, the long deleted and forgotten, the out-takes, the unreleased stuff. Maybe its all a bit train spotter-ish… but that is being a fan.

I think the work Billy was doing during the last few years of his life was some of the best he had ever done. His vocal work with Barry Adamson, Apollo Four Forty and Loom are of a richness, depth and scope which eclipsed almost everything he had ever done before. He was flying…

Billy would have been 58 on Friday 27 March.

Please find attached two commercially unavailable items of some charm and interest. The fully extended 12″ Mix of “Cinemas Of The World” from Billy’s 1987 collaboration with Uno. The following year The Associates released their last Warners single “Heart Of Glass” and on the four track 3-inch CDEP version (there were many formats…) there lurked “Her Only Wish” a dark little beast of a song which never saw the light of day on any of the re-issue CDs.

Post as you see fit Jim!

All the best – enjoy what we have!

Sid Law

How could I resist??

mp3 : Billy Mackenzie/Uno – Cinemas Of The World (12″ mix)
mp3 : Associates – Her Only Wish

And here’s one from me….fairly widely available but a personal favourite:-

mp3 : Associates – Breakfast (Peel Session)



  1. Thanks for sharing these Sid and Jim – always appreciated. Happy birthday Billy!

  2. I listened to Billy all day today at work. I can’t get When The World Was Young out of my head today. One of my favorite vocals of his entire career!

    Thanks again JC and Sid for bringing us the opportunity to keep celebrating one of the most special voices in the history of Pop Music.

  3. Thanks Sid and JC for all these posts. And a warm birthday wish for Billy watching (and may listening with) us from somewhere.
    Just a minor note: I think Breakfast is not from a Peel Session but a Kid Jensen Session (1983.Sep.29). I have a part of the Peel Session rec.1983.Sep.03 where Peel announces the track as “Since When Do You Cook Breakfast”, It’s very similar to the one posted, but not the same, probably the track didn’t have a final title yet when recorded for the Peel Session.
    If anybody interested, just leave a note and I’ll send it.

    Greetings, Mangue

  4. Thank you Mangue. That is a version I have been missing for 32 years. Broadcast on 3 Sept 1983 along with “This Flame” and “God Bless The Child”, this Peel Session of “Breakfast” never appeared on the Nightracks CD or the 2 Volume Radio One Sessions CDs. Thank you very much for this. Lovely item.

  5. Mangue Its actually not the Jensen session version either, it’s a bit of a mystery where this version came from. Peel version best in my book. Jensen version was very muted low key from memory.

  6. The version posted by The Vinyl Villin is the track on the “Nighttracks” single CD release of Radio One Sessions. On the sleeve of that CD it is identified as a Jensen session from 29 Sept 83. However it differs considerably from the version on the Jensen session (29.9.83) as released on the 2XCD Radio One Sessions from Strange Fruit. A mystery indeed.

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