Back in 1980, I bought a 12″ single by Grace Jones, simply for the B-side as it was a cover version of She’s Lost Control.

On first listen, I was appalled by it.  It didn’t appeal one iota to the musical snob in me. But after giving it some more spins on the stereo hi-fi over the following weeks, I eventually gave into its charms as I accepted for what it was – a radical cover version completely different from the original that had to be listened to and judged on its own merits.

As for the A-side, I think it probably took me about a month to get round to playing it.  This was an era when I had a fairly profitable paper round that made me around £15 a week, almost all of which was spent on records, and so I’d be buying things and not necessarily listening to them…a sad trait that continues to this day!!  But here’s the thing….I immediately fell in love with what I still consider to be a classic cover version of a track on the debut LP by The Pretenders.  I’ve read that Chrissie Hynde herself is also a huge fan of this version which in my mind, albeit I have a limited knowledge of the genre, is pop-reggae at its finest.

I don’t recall this being a hit but the records show that it did reach #17 in the UK singles charts which, back in 1980, added up to a fair number of sales.  It was also the only chart success enjoyed by Grace Jones until 1985 when Slave To The Rhythm went mega.

mp3 : Grace Jones – Private Life (Long Version)
mp3 : Grace Jones – She’s Lost Control (Long Version)



  1. I know that Grace Jones polarises opinion, but I for one love her. She’s a true artist and a one-off. Her last album from a few years back was one of my faves of the year, so she’s still got it!

  2. if you find the 2CD “Private Life – The Compass Point Sessions” in a bin somewhere then pick it up! You’ll get fantastic 12″ versions of a bunch of her best tracks, including these 2 and the dub versions too.

  3. I have the 7 inch of this. And in 35 years I’ve never played the b-side of it.I assume it’s the cover She’s Lost Control……….

  4. Really enjoyed hearing both of these again – it’s been many years. (And thanks for the tip Martin, I’ll be looking out for that CD).

  5. I have to agree with The Robster here – polarizing (giving in to the American spelling here) is Grace’s stock and trade and she does it with aplomb! Casting a skanking reggae veneer over cover versions was her stock and trade at the time with the help of the brilliant Sly + Robbie. Check out her version of Bowie/Iggy’s Nightclubbing or the heights she elevates The Police’s Demolition man to. The peak of these covers though, for my ears, is one that was only released last year – Grace skanking through Gary Numan’s Me, I Disconnect From You!!!! Untouchable!!!

  6. Sorry, HOW could I forget her version of Warm Leatherette!?! You couldn’t go to a nightclub in NYC in the early 80’s and not hear that one on the dancefloor or in the lounge.

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