Until I started blogging, I knew absolutely nothing about The Lucksmiths. I still don’t know all that much about them but I have, magpie like, stolen a few of their songs from various other blogs over the years. This was a band who came together in Melbourne in 1993 and released eleven albums before calling it a day in 2009. Having become familiar with them only just as they were breaking-up I can only scratch my head in wonderment as to how I had missed out on a band who made such magnificent music that at times reminds me in some shape or form of Go-Betweens, Aztec Camera, Belle & Sebastian, Lloyd Cole, The Smiths, The Housemartins, Orange Juice and Trash Can Sinatras. Lyrically….there are tracks that are worthy of Billy Bragg.

A band who should have been so obvious to me and yet I missed them.

Back in 2000, they released these two perfectly formed pieces of pop as a single:-

mp3 : The Lucksmiths – T-Shirt Weather
mp3 : The Lucksmiths – Tmrw vs Y’day

They also during their career take a decent stab at the Smiths classic:-

mp3 : The Lucksmiths – There Is A Light That Never Goes Out

But they also recorded their own tribute:-

mp3 : The Lucksmiths – There Is A Boy Who Never Goes Out

Does any reader who knows more about the band fancy contributing a posting? Perhaps as part of the Imaginary Albums series?


  1. Like you jc came to them just as they were splitting up. Don’t know much about them but do have all their lps so happy to do an imaginary lp post . Totally agree they are up there with the bands you mention

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