Mighty Mighty were one of the bands who featured on C86. Their contribution to the cassette was a song called Law which eventually saw an official release as a b-side in 1987.

After releasing two singles in 1986 on their own Girlie Records, the band moved to a slightly bigger indie label in Chapter 22 for whom they would release four singles and one album before calling it a day in early 1988.

They certainly didn’t lack a sense of humour with lead vocalist Hugh Harkin once saying during an interview that the difference between Mighty Mighty and The Smiths was that “they write two-minute pop songs and we write three-minute pop songs”.

The song that appears on CD 86 was their debut for Girlie Records and it reached the giddy heights of #34 in the Indie Chart:-

mp3 : Mighty Mighty – Everybody Knows The Monkey

And here’s yer b-side:-

mp3 : Mighty Mighty – You’re On My Mind

While the a-side is very reminiscent of the sort of sound that would propel Inspiral Carpets to fame just a few years later the b-side is just about the nearest thing you can get to an Edwyn Collins/Orange Juice soundalike winner.  And I gave it an immediate thumbs-up on my first listen as I put this post together.

Mighty Mighty reformed briefly in 2009/10 to play at Indietracks in the UK and at Popfest in Berlin. In 2012, Cherry Red Records issued a compilation double CD that captured everything they had recorded, including material that had been intended for the sophomore album.


5 thoughts on “NEXT YEAR’S NOSTALGIA FEST (Part 6 of 48)

  1. Absolutely love this series. Mighty Mighty is a perfect example. Only song I EVER heard from this band was ‘Built Like a Car’ from some old compilation or other. No idea about anything else by them before or since, like a lot of these acts.
    Thank you JC!

  2. I really liked a track they did called one way or something ,I think the version I taped was from a peel session

  3. Jonny has got me racking my brain, because I’m sure I had a compilation with “Built like A Car” on it – I can see the rest of today being spent fruitlessly trying to find it. My fave of theirs is “Is There Anyone Out There” (as I posted in Sep 14). Remember thinking that I must buy that double CD a couple of years back – maybe I’ll try and do that today as well.

  4. To Gog: Found my old comp and it’s called: ‘Indie Top 20 Volume II’, released by Band of Joy Records in 1987. Must have picked it up in the import section. Plenty of other bands I only ever heard on this one assortment. Collections like these were one of the only ways to find minor UK bands in 1987 NYC as they didn’t tour in the States and got zero radio play.
    Here’s a link:

  5. Thanks Jonny – it wasn’t that compilation, but wow! – what a set of tunes. Got quite a few of those as singles, including The Bambi Slam, which I only recently rediscovered (hidden away inside a Husker Du LP sleeve)!

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