The Primitives formed in the mid 80s, and while the music was pretty decent, it was the presence of an attractive singer called Tracy Tracy that gained them loads of column inches and photographs in the male-dominated world of the UK weekly music papers. Morrissey was a fan…..

They started out on their own label which was called Lazy Records on which they released five singles between May 86 and August 87 before signing to RCA Records with who they enjoyed almost instant success with a Top 10 single in Crash and a Top 10 LP in Lovely in February 1988.

They had broken up by 1992 mostly as a result of musical differences which had seen band members come and go. The fact that Tracy had got rid of distinctive blonde hair probably didn’t help too much either in terms of the press.

The Primitives reformed in 2009 and undertook a UK tour in 2010 as well as a relatively high-profile gif as support to a London gig by The Wedding Present as part of the Bizarro album 21st anniversary tour. Tracy was blonde again……

Unlike many others who do some nostalgia shows and that’s all folks, the band have re-activated themselves in the studio with new albums released in 2012 and 2014, the first of which was totally of covers versions (all of which were relatively obscure and had been songs with a female lead vocal) but the latter was all new band-written material.

The song on CD86 was from the indie-era. It was their second single on Lazy Records. And it’s great fun made all the better by a fabulous and dreamy b-side:-

mp3 : The Primitives – Really Stupid
mp3 : The Primitives – We Found A Way To The Sun


5 thoughts on “NEXT YEAR’S NOSTALGIA FEST (Part 3 of 48)

  1. Used to really enjoy listening to this band, but don’t remember the B-side at all (I only had Really Stupid on a compilation) – it may have benefited from being a little shorter given the amount of repetition at the end. Didn’t realise they’d made new recordings – more stuff for the “Must Listen To” list.

  2. The Primitives latest album, Spin-O-Rama, was one of my favorite albums of 2014. Of all the post 86 blonde led bands, and there were a few, The Primitives were a real favorite. Paul McCourt is a deft pop songwriter and Tracy is still an exciting pop singer.

  3. Be warned, Echorich, I might steal this “the post 86 blonde led bands” as a title for a future series on Sexyloser!!

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