RT 111T


(My posts tend to be written in batches as and when I have time to sit down and work on the blog. Brian was first to comment on yesterday’s posting and displayed incredible psychic powers……)

Ok…the title of the posting looks like some kind of binary code gone wrong.  But it is in fact the catalogue number given to the 12″ release of this single on Rough Trade Records back in September 1982:-

mp3 : Scritti Politti – Asylums In Jerusalem
mp3 : Scritti Politti – Jacques Derrida
mp3 : Scritti Politti – A Slow Soul

The single was released a month after the LP Songs To Remember – which I will argue long into the night is one of THE greatest albums of all time – and it reached #43 in the UK singles charts which was a fair achievement for any band on Rough Trade far less one who got no daytime radio exposure whatsoever.

I should have given this a mention yesterday when I did the St Etienne A-AA sided single as being another great example of the genre. The 12″ release offers up a couple of different things in that Jacques Derrida is a fair bit longer than the album version while A Slow Soul is a completely different mix from that which was on Songs To Remember.

Little known fact. Until The Smiths came along, Songs To Remember was the biggest selling record that Rough Trade had ever released, reaching #12 in the album charts here in the UK.

Green Gartside was soon wooed by many a record label and he signed for Virgin Records. The band’s next album (featuring a completely different line-up from that when he was ‘indie’) went Top 5 while the singles got him his lifetime’s ambition of appearing on Top of The Pops.


4 thoughts on “RT 111T

  1. Totally agree with you in saying Songs To Remember is one of the greatest albums of all time – and Asylums being one of the greatest singles of all time. And the ‘versions’ of Jacques and A Slow Soul are worth a listen too. From whatI remember from what was written at the time, A Slow Soul has a live vocal, which is beautiful.

  2. Great stuff – loved early Scritti and it was a joy seeing them supporting the Manics last year!

  3. I have stuck with Scritti Politti much longer than most, Friend of Rachel Worth and Echorich excluded, but even I realize the era surrounding Songs to Remember is Green’s special moment.

  4. Have to agree the lead up to and release of Songs To Remember will always be Scritti Politti’s “Imperial” period. I’ll never fault Green for going for it with gusto on Cupid + Psyche ’85 since he managed to make on of the 3 most successful Fairlight CMI recorded albums of the Era. (Let the speculation on the other two begin if anyone is actually interested). Jacques Derrida is like a fine vintage wine that ages gracefully and is still very satisfying.

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