His first words for a very long time:-

It’s been a good wee while since I last visited these familiar lands – some eighteen months or so – and whilst I could offer several (rather poor) excuses I won’t even bother. Instead, I’ll just present my annual ‘best of’ compilation (for both 2013 and 2014) and hope that makes up for being so absent. I hope to be around this pixel geography a bit more during 2015 but, aye, no promises I’m afraid. I’m still as obsessed as I once was with all things music; especially going to gigs and buying vinyl. Life just sometimes gets in the way of translating that into words about music. I’m sure you all know how that can be. Keep well and see you down the road.x


Welcome back Comrade. Your many fans will be delighted and hope that you stay good on the idea of posting a bit more in 2015. Seems apt that you’ve returned just as I’m in the middle of a series on the band which did more than any other to forge our much valued friendship.

This one’s for you:-

mp3 : Robert Forster – Rock n Roll Friend

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