I don’t like the annual nonsense of Record Store Day. The concept itself is sound but all too often real fans are left out in the cold as things are snapped up and shoved on e-bay for astronomical amounts within a matter of hours, so I tend to give the event a miss and drop into a couple of my favourite stores a few days after and see what is still generally available.

Which is why I’ve never shown any interest at all in trying to get my hands on a 10″ single release for Record Store Day 2012, limited to 1000 copies:-

mp3 : Morrissey – Suedehead (Mael Mix)
mp3 : Morrissey – Now My Heart Is Full (live)
mp3 : Morrissey – We’ll Let You Know (live)

The main track was given the remix treatment by Ron and Russell Mael of Sparks, with Ron adding some keyboards. It’s dreadful.

The live tracks were from a 1995 concert at the historic Theatre Royal in London which had been broadcast on BBC Radio 1. They’re almost as awful as the remix….

Total waste of time and money. Glad mine were, ahem, sourced.

One thought on “THE MOZ SINGLES (41)

  1. I feel exactly the same about RSD – I want to support local independent record shops, but I loathe that it’s been taken over by hoardes of ebay vultures looking to make a quick buck and with no interest in the music they’re buying. I also pop in a day or so later to see if there is anything of interest left on the shelves. I save a bit of cash that way too. As for the Mael mix of Suedehead, this is the first time I’ve heard it and it actually makes me laugh. It’s been reconstructed to within an inch of it’s life, and it is a bit silly, but you know, I almost quite like the pomposity of organ and vocal effects.

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