I do like it when a band release a single from an LP but change it around enough to turn it into a different song.

I was reminded of this state of affairs by these:-

mp3 : New Order – Sub-culture
mp3 : New Order – Subculture (7″ single version)

Hard to believe that Low-Life, the LP from which it was lifted and and given its makeover for a single release, celebrates its 30th birthday next year.

Oh and rumour has that the reason the single came in just a plain black sleeve is that Peter Savile hated the remix so much that he refused to design anything to house it.



  1. Yeah, this version was universally slated. When Substance came out, instead of including the full 12″ version, it was edited to 4 mins to get it over and done with. And rightly so in my opinion.

  2. Sorry, John Robie’s 12 mix of Sub-Culture vies for my top New Order pick. The album version is WAY TO MANNERED. It’s as if Sumner is reading the lyrics for the first time as he sings – or Hooky is threatening him with his bass guitar, but the vocals kill the track. Robie brought the track out into its Electro glory. It’s manic and brutally insistent. Sumner’s vocals are properly massaged to bring them in line with the rhythm and melody rather than sitting on top of it like in the single/album version.
    The 12″ mix would pack the floor at Danceteria, The Funhouse and Paradise Garage in NYC. It was just that strong and transporting.
    The only problem for New Order is that they got caught up in the sound of Sub-Culture for the next few singles – Shellshock, State Of The Nation and to some extent, Bizarre Love Triangle all harken back to Sub-Culture. But by then this was the sound of New Order.

  3. this might be controversial, but i always thought sub-culture was the weakest song on lowlife, and think the remix beefed it up quite nicely.

  4. The Berlin mix found on the album ” In Hindsight ” is my choice as the best version.

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