Julian Cope might be a bit bonkers but the two hit LPs recorded with The Teardrop Explodes at the beginning of the 80s contain perfect pop, timeless tunes and moments of magic.

Tiny Children was the third single lifted from Wilder and really deserved a much better fate than merely hitting #44 in the charts. It’s a gorgeous lullaby, delivered with a real degree of fragility by Julian whose vocal is quite lovely, even if he does at times appear to be at the edge of his range.

mp3 : The Teardrop Explodes – Tiny Children

By complete contrast, and to help illustrate that this particular JC is off his rocker, here’s the very bizzare b-side:-

mp3 : The Teardrop Explodes – Rachael Built A Steamboat




  1. Did you know that JC has been selling his instruments off on Ebay recently? Apparently he is concentrating on writing, he has either just released a book or is about to.

  2. I loved both Tiny Children and the mad Rachael Built A Steamboat when they came out, but I found Wilder a tougher listen than Kilimanjaro. The debut TE release was, for me, one of three perfect albums released by members of the aborted/never really existed except in conversation Crucial Three.
    It was hardest for Cope to come up with the goods on the second album, at the time, for these ears. Over time I’ve come to love Wilder and it fits in really well with the releases by other “Liverpool gang” post punk bands like The WIld Swans, that explored a more pop psychedelia.

  3. Hmmm…That above anonymous post should have had my tag on it – WordPress seems to forgotten me again…

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