Adapted from wiki:-

The Supernaturals were a five-piece guitar-based pop band from Glasgow, Scotland. Fronted by singer-songwriter James McColl, they signed to Parlophone in 1996, and had a string of singles which were taken from their three albums and four EPs. Other members included Mark Guthrie, Derek McManus, Gavin Crawford and Ken McAlpine.

Debut album It Doesn’t Matter Anymore received good reviews (8/10 NME and 4/5 Q) as did the follow-up A Tune a Day (7/10 NME and 4/5 Q). The band’s third album saw a change of musical direction into Europop and electronica and wasn’t as well received.

They were a band which enjoyed playing live, appearing at all sorts of music festivals in the UK and Europe (including four successive year at T in the Park between 95 and 98) and were happy enough to appear on the supoort bill for a number of better known acts and bands including Robbie Williams, Paul Weller, The Boo Radleys, Gene, Blondie, Dodgy, The Bluetones, Ocean Colour Scene, Texas, Sleeper and Tina Turner.

The band’s best known songs (Smile” and I Wasn’t Built To Get Up) were featured prominently in a series of television advertisements while The Day Before Yesterday’s Man was used on three occasions in film and TV in the UK.

Eight singles were released from the first 2 LPs, all of which went Top 50 in the UK, but only three made the Top 30 with none getting any higher than #23.

Here’s their first Top 30 hit from 1997:-

mp3 : The Supernaturals – The Day Before Yesterday’s Man

Listening now, it’s catchy enough and radio friendly (albeit I’m sure the word shit was edited out of the radio mix) but I was sad to discover that it hasn’t dated all that well…..

And here’s the two additional tracks made available on CD1 of the release:-

mp3 : The Supernaturals – Ken’s Song
mp3 : The Supernaturals – Honk Williams

The first few bars of the latter had me panicking as it felt as if Mull Of Kintyre was about to be played.  But stick with it as it is a fun little number about a spaceman who looks  and sounds like a dead country and western singer…..with a great wee singlaong chorus towards the end.


4 thoughts on “SATURDAY’S SCOTTISH SINGLE (Part 107)

  1. Loved their… was it second album? The one with the song about trying to get over a breakup while wandering around a supermarket? One of those ones lost to the mists of time, or at least the pile of cassettes from before they were cool still living at my mother’s.

  2. Was just sorting out some “old” (ie not old, but kind of discarded) records at my parents’ house, and found some Supernaturals 45s, including “The Day Before Yesterday’s Man”. Can’t say I remember how any of them went, and didn’t even remember they were Scottish.

    Will have another listen.

  3. From JC to JC :
    I had never heard of The Supernaturals before reading your review. This prompted me to buy the single and review it on my own blog (in French) :
    I’ve been enjoying your blog for over a year now. Thank you !
    I think this week was the first time you reviewed two records in a row that I own (New Order covered and The Hives).
    Correct me if I’m wrong, but it seems my friends The Jasmine Minks haven’t been awarded yet the prestigious Saturday’s Scottish Single slot. I’m sure their time will come…!
    All the best,

  4. Thanks JC.

    Sadly, the only material I have by The Jasmine Minks is on compilation CDs and so they weren’t eligible for inclusion in the Saturday Singles series (I have to own or owned a copy of the 45 or CD single being looked at).

    But I can promise they will be featuring on the blog very soon.


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