It was back in 1978 that The Undertones released their debut single and the best ever 45 of all time in the opinion of the late John Peel.

But it was in February 1979 that I reckon the band released their best ever single…..the flop-follow up to the debut.

Teenage Kicks was not an out-an-out chart success, reaching the relatively low position of #31 in the UK charts. Get Over You however, was a bit of a disaster as far as the band was concerned, hitting only #57.

In sleeve notes to a compilation CD released back in 1999, the band’s Michael Bradley said:-

“We were very disappointed by the chart position. We thought it was all over and our career was finished.”

They weren’t the only ones bitterly disappointed. I remember hearing this on Radio 1 one morning and making sure that on the way home from school later in the day that I bought the single. I also remember putting it on the turntable and being really disappointed in the first few seconds as I thought either my needle was damaged or my speaker was broken (it was still an old-fashioned Dansette record player in those days). Thankfully, it was just the opening riff that blasts away in the background before giving way to a short wolf-whistle clearly delivered by someone who had ambitions to get on a building site…..and then the opening riff comes in at full tilt. It’s Status Quo on speed……

mp3 : The Undertones – Get Over You

At this point in my life, I had yet to have my heartbroken by a member of the opposite sex…..but I instinctively knew, on hearing this record, that when that particular day came, as inevitably it had to, this was a song I would play, again and again and again until the pain went away.

There were two songs on the b-side, and they also dealt with girls:-

mp3 : The Undertones – Really Really
mp3 : The Undertones – She Can Only Say No

The latter of these is only around 40 seconds long, and the biggest tribute I can possibly pay it is that it’s the greatest song that Pete Shelley of Buzzcocks never wrote.

Happy Listening.

9 thoughts on “GET OVER YOU

  1. Much as I love Teenage Kicks, I have always thought Get Over You is their finest moment. Classic pop song with great lyrics and one of Feargal’s best vocal performances.

  2. Got to agree here…Get Over You is the track that really sold me on The Undertones. In the context of the entire debut album, the opening makes total sense. It’s not the only track that tries to create a bit of teen atmosphere at the beginning – check out the opening to Girls Don’t Like It with it’s 50’s reference or Wrong Way’s Ramones-esque start.

  3. Were you at the Garage last night, JC? I’d agree ‘Get Over You’ is their finest chorus – they finished the set with it last night. Best riff though has to be ‘You’ve Got My Number’.

    Don’t think I’ve ever seen John with a mic even for b/vs in the Tones or That Petrol Emotion – Mickey perhaps?

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