The second single taken from Kill Uncle was, at the time, the lowest charting single in the solo career, hitting only #33 in April 1991.

And being honest, that’s about all it deserved.

The b-sides are what make this single a bit more interesting, with one being his take on one of the most famous songs ever written by Paul Weller, while the other has a drum pattern that for some reason always reminds me of London by The Smiths.

mp3 : Morrissey – Sing Your Life
mp3 : Morrissey – That’s Entertainment
mp3 : Morrissey – The Loop

A few years back during a live show at the Edinburgh Playhouse, the audience was treated to a version of The Loop that I thought was one of the highlights of the night thanks to the harder and less refined edge that his backing band brings to all the Smiths-era and early Morrissey songs. It doesn’t often work (and if you want proof, track down their live butchering of This Charming Man), but for some reason it did on this.

Great haircut in the sleeve photo which was taken by Pennie Smith.


One thought on “THE MOZ SINGLES (Part 15)

  1. I like Sing Your Life… yes, it’s uncharacteristically upbeat, but it remind me a little of Ask in that way.

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