From wiki:-

Positive Noise were a new wave and synthpop band from Scotland who had a number of indie hits in the 1980s. They released three albums and several singles and were together for over five years.

The band was formed in 1979 by Ross Middleton (vocals), his brothers Graham Middleton (keyboards, vocals) and Fraser Middleton (bass guitar, vocals), Russell Blackstock (guitar, vocals), and Les Gaff (drums).Their first released material was two tracks (“Refugees” and “The Long March”) on the Statik label compilation album Second City Statik in 1980, and they followed this with two singles on Statik in 1981, both of which were top-ten hits on the UK Independent Chart. Début album Heart of Darkness was released in May 1981, after which Ross left to form the short-lived Leisure Process, with Blackstock taking over on lead vocals. Heart of Darkness peaked at number four on the independent chart, and the band’s second album, Change of Heart (1982), also charted, reaching number 21. They released a third and final album, Distant Fires, in 1985, now with John Telford on drums and John Coletta on guitar, but their earlier success was not repeated and they split up shortly afterwards.

Ross Middleton had earlier worked as a music journalist, writing for Sounds under the pen name Maxwell Park.

And here’s the two sides of the debut single:-

mp3 : Positive Noise – Give Me Passion
mp3 : Positive Noise – Ghosts


8 thoughts on “SATURDAY’S SCOTTISH SINGLE (Part 93)

  1. Jim could you possibly clear something up for I believe I may have seen positive noise supporting ultravox in Glasgow way back long ago any ideas if I am right .?

    Son of the rock

  2. What I do know from a bit of research is:-

    Positive Noise played the Glasgow Apollo on 9 May 1981 as support act to Hazel O’Connor.

    The Glasgow gigs for Ultravox in early 80s were:-

    25 September 81 (Apollo) support act was Eddie Maelov & Sunshine Patterson
    18 November 82 (Apollo) support act was Messages
    16 & 17 May 84 (Apollo) support act unknown

  3. Thanks Jim was it definaley hoc as I have never saw her could it have been as support to Toyah (don’t laugh) as I remember that as my first gig ever as a young lad around that time in the Apollo

  4. Toyah played the Apollo twice in 1981

    30 May – support was DJ Kane
    19 December – support was Fad Gadget

    If it was the latter gig you were at, then that’s a great name to drop as being the first act you ever saw play live.

  5. For years, I put “Positive Negative” on mix tapes for strangers. Such a bracing and dynamic number for something that ended up being so obscure [in Ameirca, at least].

  6. When I think of Positive Noise I think of “When lightning strikes”, a song that always gets me singing! and when I’ve listened to that I invariably listen to Jackie Leven “Love Is Shining Down On Me”, do you think that’ll ever make your Scottish single series?

  7. Positive Noise did tour with Toyah. That was my first ever gig (if you look past her hits she has some good tunes). It was the Challenging tour in 1982 which I saw at the Poole Arts Centre on 3rd of July, 1982. Still remember PN opening.

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