Dear VV

1. My last post was on the letter G

2. Using a photo of my backside in a thong.

3. Er thats it.


From Julian’s Electrical Gramophone

Who would have reckoned that S-WC‘s contribution from earlier this week would have caused such outrage….

Jules‘  tongue is of course very firmly in his cheek. But it does turn out that his most recent posting over at Music From Magazines was solely related to the letter G.  Don’t be afraid to pay him a visit….there’s no picture of his hairy arse in a thong.  Click here

It did get me thinking about the first time that the old blog got a copyright infringement notice.  It was actually quite polite and it came from the good folk who look after Brett Anderson.  I’d just bought a copy of his new single Love Is Dead and how shoved it up for folk to have a listen but with a link to where they could purchase it.  An e-mail arrived a day or so later which said thanks for buying the record but would I please remove the download links as I was breaching copyright.  Naturally, I obliged….after all, I had a disclaimer on the blog saying that if a copyright owner got in touch I would remove any links immediately.

That was back in 2007 and the early days of the blog and at the time that I was quite flattered to have come up on the radar of his record label and/or management – as far as I knew there were not that many folk dropping in on TVV on a regular basis.

Moving forward a couple of years and TVV had achieved a little bit more exposure.  I always knew, from the bitter experiences of many other great bloggers around at the time that the nasty dmca folk would one day come knocking on my door.  When they did, what hurt most of all was the google/blogger policy at the time which was to remove not just the links to the mp3s but also the words which accompanied them.  Later on, the policy was amended so that an ‘offending’ post was re-set to draft allowing the author, having removed the links, to re-post the words. But of course google/blogger would only allow this to happen so often and after repeated offences then close down the blog altogether as they did with TVV in July 2013.  Looking back, the mistake I made was inviting all sorts of guest posts without considering that many of them were featuring singers or bands or labels who were fond of doing the dmca thing.

I haven’t had nearly as many problems since switching to wordpress, but then again the number of daily hits is probably around half of what it was at the peak of TVV, so to some extent I’m back under the radar. And what I’ve also noticed is that rather than bring any offences to the attention of wordpress , the dmca notices are served on my file host which is whose policy is to remove the offending file and inform me by e-mail.  The result of all that means if someone clicks on the link they will find it’s not there….but the words will be.  And if by chance there’s a handful of songs related to the posting but only one of the songs has caused offence then it’s likely the non-offensive numbers will still be there for a reader’s enjoyment.

Much to my surprise, the band that seems to give me more problems than any these days is Belle & Sebastian.  I’ve mentioned this in passing before and it would seem it is probably, in the main, the actions of their US label and operations rather than the folk over here.  Tempting as it is to stick two fingers up to the man, I’m in a good mood as it is the start of a holiday weekend and I’m not at work today or next Monday.  So instead, I will post the 7″ single  which got me the first nasty dmca notice:-

mp3 : Simple Minds – Chelsea Girl
mp3 : Simple Minds – Garden of Hate


Dating all the way back to 1979 and released on Zoom Records, a subsidiary of Arista. For those of you who only know and dislike Simple Minds from their stadium-rock era and chart hits from the mid 80s onwards should give it a listen. You’ll be very surprised at how good they were back in the days…..but that’s a story for a future detailed posting.

I really like the cover of this particular single. It’s by an artist called Thomas Roland Rathmell.



  1. Villain, you are one of my blogger heroes! I admire and applaud your sticking to it, even with The Man, looking around the corner for you.

  2. I echo Echorich (see what I did there?) – I use Zippy as it’s anonymous. The links expire after a month or so, but few people ever view posts that old anyway so it’s not a problem.

    Looking forward to your Simple Minds post as I still adore their early stuff (Empires and Dance in particular).

  3. Your blog is a thing of beauty and much admired, it’s all about keeping your head below the parapet, popularity and visitors and The Man comes alooking!

  4. Oh, for the glory days of Simple Minds! The ornate, baroque pop of “Chelsea Girl” was a giddy delight from their tadpole period. So out of synch with everything else they did, but that’s what maturation is for – experimentation. They got a lot better after this, then they got worse [but made buckets of money], and later got better again. I currently await their next waxing, but wish they could keep a tighter schedule!

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