Pale Blue Eyes was released back in 1969 by The Velvet Underground. It very quickly became a favourite of buskers and would-be-rock-stars the world over and has since been given the cover treatment by countless bands and artists. If you don’t believe me, google in the words ‘Pale Blue Eyes – cover versions’ and see the results for yourself.

Just about all of the versions I’ve ever heard more or less stick faithfully to the tone and delivery of that of the original – but no doubt there is a drum’n’bass or house style out there somewhere just to prove me wrong.

In August 1984 Paul Quinn & Edwyn Collins released their version as the first release on a label called Swamplands, the boss of which was none other than Alan Horne, the genius behind Postcard Records. The label was funded entirely as a subsidiary of London Records which itself was part of the multi-national Decca Records.

Here’s the 7″ and 12″ versions as well as the b-sides:-

mp3 : Paul Quinn & Edwyn Collins – Pale Blue Eyes (7″)
mp3 : Paul Quinn & Edwyn Collins – Pale Blue Eyes (12″)
mp3 : Paul Quinn & Edwyn Collins – Burro
mp3 : Paul Quinn & Edwyn Collins – Pale Blue Eyes (Western Version)

Alan Horne had huge hopes for this record, believing it would catapult Swamplands and ll its acts to fame and fortune. It got no higher than #72 in the UK charts.

In the end, just six singles were released on the label, none of which sold well, before London pulled the plug on the venture.

SWP1 : Paul Quinn & Edwyn Collins – Pale Blue Eyes
SWP3 : James King & The Lonewolves – The Angels Know
SWP4 : Memphis – You Supply The Roses
SWP5 : Win – Unamerican Broadcasting
SWP6 : Paul Quinn – Ain’t That Always The Way
SWP8 : Win – You’ve Got The Power

Only Win would remain on the parent label….but that’s a story for another day.

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