maybeOh come on……after the past two postings you knew this was inevitable (at least Jimdoes did!!).

Sadly, I’ve only one song with that as the precise title:-

mp3 : Paul Haig – Maybe

It’s the rather ordinary and throwaway b-side to a decent single from 2007:-

mp3 : Paul Haig – Reason

If you look up the dictionary definition of ‘maybe’, the word often offered as an alternative is ‘perhaps’.  And there’s one song in the collection with that as its title:-

mp3 : Associates – Perhaps

The title track of the 1985 LP that was the first Associates record released after Alan Rankine had quit.

I genuinely had no idea that when I decided to follow-up McAlmont & Butler with posts entitled ‘No’ and ‘Maybe’ that I’d end up with something that featured both Paul Haig & Billy Mackenzie.  I had absolutely no recollection of that particular Pail Haig b-side until I looked it up.

It makes sense I suppose the to finish it all of with the rather stunning opening track from their on-going collaboration throughout the 90s that received a posthumous release in 1999 as Memory Palace two years after Billy’s tragic suicide:-

mp3 : Haig/Mackenzie – Thunderstorm

PS : You won’t believe whose turn it is to feature in the Scottish Singles feature tomorrow…..who do you think might just come after Pastels in the alphabetical list??????

9 thoughts on “MAYBE

  1. Hopefully The Quads, but they were not Scottish as far as I know.

    Re ‘Maybe’: when I was kid there was a (US) series on German telly, “The Life and Times of Grizzly Adams”. No idea whether this was at all broadcasted in the UK. The title song was ‘Maybe’ by Thom Pace … rather an awfully turgid peace of crap, but could well be another contender for this post.

  2. Can’t believe you missed Emeli Sande for this. And you such a big fan…

    But the really obvious one surely is “Possibly maybe” by Bjork.

  3. the amount billy m featured here the last few days should be kept for ever 🙂
    great theme you started; yes, no, maybe. to be continued by why, what, where…

  4. hahaha didn’t expect maybe…

    the nearest i can get is the first line of live forever which has as good a maaaaaybeee as you’re going to hear…

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