Well it couldn’t be any of the Postcard singles as they were all featured a short time ago.  Instead, on this alphabetical trace through singles within my collection by Scottish bands, here’s something from 1984 for Part 84:-

mp3 : Orange Juice – Bridge
mp3 : Orange Juice – Bridge (Summer 83 version)
mp3 : Orange Juice – Out For The Count

As found on the 12″ of catalogue # OJ5, released on Polydor Records in February 1984.

This is one of THE great lost and forgotten Orange Juice singles.  Funky as fuck.

The b-sides contain a live version of the single (although I can’t find any details at all of where it was recorded and which precise date in the Summer of 83) while this tremendous version of Out for The Count has some terrific keyboard and guitar solos. A much more downbeat version would be re-recorded later on and included on the self-titled LP from later in the year.

Oh and the 7″ version of the single also had a flexidisc on offer:-


mp3 : Orange Juice – Poor Old Soul

Almost unrecognisable from the Postcard version.  I can just imagine Pharrell Williams getting his hands on any of these tracks and turning them into huge hits……..


3 thoughts on “SATURDAY’S SCOTTISH SINGLE (Part 84)

  1. I remember buying this in the States in 84 but did not receive the flexidisc. Just as well because the Postcard version plus the Peel Session version are truly original and timeless…

  2. Funky as fuck is right! The Texas Fever EP was my first introduction to OJ (back when it was released–lucky me), and Bridge remains my favorite OJ song to this day. I don’t think this version of Out For The Count is on Coals To Newcastle, is it?

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