When I downloaded Son Of Mustang Ford for yesterday’s cult classic contribution e, I knew it was a song I’d heard before. Turns out it’s on a compilation tape given away with the April 1992 edition of the now defunct Select Magazine. It’s a tape featuring eleven acts who at the time were all signed to Creation Records, and by way of the magic of the internet I’ve been able to find a copy of the tape:-

mp3 : Boo Radleys – Lazy Day (version)
mp3 : Swervedriver – Son Of Mustang Ford (demo version)
mp3 : Teenage Fanclub – Kylie’s Got A Crush On Us
mp3 : Silverfish – Vitriola (demo version)
mp3 : Love Corporation – Gimme Some Love (remix)
mp3 : Ride – Time Of Her Life (live version)
mp3 : mk – Play The World (edit)
mp3 : The Telescopes – You Set My Soul
mp3 : Slowdive – Shine (edit)
mp3 : Sheer Taft – Atlantis (edit)
mp3 : Bill Drummond – The Manager’s Speech (edit)

It’s not a bad listen all the way through.  Opening with 90 seconds of classic Boo Radleys and ending with a wee bit of tongue-in-cheek philosophy from Bill Drummond, it turns out to be a rare example of a free giveaway that is well worth holding onto.

My main reason for chasing it down in the first place was to get what was then an unreleased Teenage Fanclub song.  Indeed, it would turn out to be the only place you could get their version of the song although it was released as a single the following year by BMX Bandits. This particular version was recorded at a sound check at Coventry Polytechnic in January 1992 – there’s even a bit of feedback featured.

Oh and I’ll just mention that I think the tape features a better version of the Swervedriver song than what was actually released and featured in yesterday’s posting….



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