James Kirk wrote the finest single ever recorded by Orange Juice.  In fact, as regular readers will know, it is my strongly-held view that Felicity is the finest single ever recorded by any Scottish band or singer.

In 1985, James Kirk rather surprisingly came out of his self-imposed retirement and, adopting the name Memphis, wrote and recorded what rather sadly turned out to be a one-off 45 for the Swamplands label that was being run by Alan Horne (ex Postcard).

mp3 : Memphis – You Supply The Roses
mp3 : Memphis – Apres Ski

Rather delightful and rather apt for the posting the day after Valentine’s.

In 2003, James Kirk released his one and only solo LP. Entitled You Can Make It If You Boogie, it really is a wonderful collection of tunes.  Eleven of them were brand new – one of the the others saw his own fresh take on Felicity, while this took the tune from You Supply The Roses:-

mp3 : James Kirk – Krach Auf Wiedersehen

I’ll finish today with a request for a favour.

I’ve only got the 7″ of this single and so….if anyone has the 12″, would they be so kind and rip the instrumental track I’ll Supply The Wine from the b-side and send a copy to me. I’d be eternally grateful…..

Update on Sunday 16 Feb…….a huge thanks to Hugh for sending this all the way from France:-

mp3 : Memphis – I’ll Supply The Wine

I’ll raise a glass of Fleurie to your good health Hugh.


2 thoughts on “SATURDAY’S SCOTTISH SINGLE (Part 80)

  1. I LOVE LOVE LOVE Memphis’ You Supply The Roses! It’s a joyful piece of guitar pop with a warm and languid vocal from Mr. Kirk. It’s kind of a blueprint for a lot of what would begin to come out of Creation in the coming years. It shows a kind of a maturity of the Postcard sound as well. Yup just LOVE this song!

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