Postcard Records Collage
Postcard Records.

You might have heard of it. Founded at 185 West Princes Street, Glasgow by Alan Horne.

It had the motto ‘The Sound of Young Scotland’ while its logo was a cat banging a drum.

In April 1980, the first Postcard 45 was released. In August 1981, the eleventh and final Postcard 45 was released.

They are all going to feature this week and at the end I am going to try the impossible by ranking them in preference on the quality of just the A side of the single.  Wish me luck.

mp3 : Orange Juice – Falling and Laughing
mp3 : Orange Juice – Moscow
mp3 : Orange Juice – Moscow Olympics
(Postcard 80-1 : released April 1980)

mp3 : Orange Juice – Blue Boy
mp3 : Orange Juice – Love Sick
(Postcard 80-2 : released September 1980)

mp3 : Orange Juice – Simply Thrilled Honey
mp3 : Orange Juice – Breakfast Time
(Postcard 80-6 : released December 1980)

mp3 : Orange Juice – Poor Old Soul
mp3 : Orange Juice – Poor Old Soul (pt2)
(Postcard 81-2 : released March 1981)

Note for trivia fans. Wan Light was given a catalogue number of 81-6 and scheduled for a June 1981 release. But it never happened.


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