The Cure : Mint Car

Ok I’m going to be blunt here. Mint Car features on The Cure album Wild Mood Swings. It is the best song on that album.  I think its fair to say that Wild Mood Swings was the not The Cure’s finest moment. In fact I’d go as far as to say it’s their worst album by some way (Disintegration being their best and I’d take anyone outside who wants to argue).

mp3 : The Cure – Mint Car

I’m also not going to sit here and tell you about The Cure, where they formed, and all that – you know that, surely. They have some great records, no scratch that, they have some wonderful records, again most of which you will own, know, or played the hell out of. There are a great singles band and just for the hell of it and just in case there is someone out there who has never heard The Cure, the best three Cure singles to start your collection with are Just Like Heaven, Pictures of You and Lovesong (the first and third songs being two of the greatest love songs ever written). Mint Car is about twenty sixth on that list. Just above A Forest.

mp3 : The Cure – Just Like Heaven (acoustic)
mp3 : The Cure – Pictures Of You
mp3 : The Cure – Lovesong (acoustic)

So I’m going to talk about crying instead (in a very round about kind of way – and yes I know this is a music blog), and the reason why is this. My one year old has been poorly this week she has been a small fiery mixture of tears, snot, gunge and regurgitated carrot. She’s  fine now though, thanks for asking. A few days ago I drove her to the beach where she likes to run around a bit, well I say run, more stagger, totter and then fall over, but you get my drift. Anyway, we were driving home and I had Guess The Year on Radio Devon on the stereo, (yes Radio Devon, I happen to like Guess the Year with Shep, shut up) and it was 1979 (I got it quite early on, the DJ caters to the low common denominator…”this was the year Margaret Thatcher came to power”, was one of the clues).

Then, all of a sudden, the DJ played a blinder, as I sat in traffic waiting to head homewards, he played Bright Eyes by Art Garfunkel and by the end of it I was a fiery mixture of tears, snot and gunge (no regurgitated carrot).

I have no shame in admitting this, it’s a sad song, about rabbits.  I like rabbits.But it did make me think.  It joins a short list of now four records that have made me cry (to be honest it does it most times and if you don’t find it sad, you have a waxy pea sized heart), I won’t bore you with the other three  A Natural by Whipping BoyShine a Light by Spiritualized and Hurt by Johnny Cash ) but would be intrigued to know which songs make you blub, I don’t care about the reasons, unless you want to share (Group Hug, anyone?), just interested. Sniff.

(Oh and I would like to apologise for all the brackets in this piece, sorry).


JC adds

My list extends to way beyind four, but then again lots of music can turn me into an emotional gibbering wreck – especially if I’m had too much to drink.

The most recent would have been on the occasion of the burial of my young brother a few years back.  It was the result of a car accident, it happened in the west of Ireland and the responsibility of getting the family over there from Scotland fell on my shoulders as did a few other tasks in Ireland.  I held everything together till the very last second until the first notes of the music to accompany the coffin disappearing to where the cremation would take place.  It was a piece  selected by the funeral director (the family really had no idea what would be appropriate as we had no idea what my young brother’s tastes were) and it was Time To Say Goodbye by Sarah Brightman & Andrea Bocelli.  And ever since, I’ve never been able to hear that song without losing it…

There’s been loads of times the use of a song in a film has had me crying – most notably at the end of Control (the song being Atmosphere by Joy Division).  And which Smiths fan hasn’t at some point lost it at least once when he or she his listening to I Know It’s Over……

I’ll stop there.


  1. Tank park salute by billy bragg gets me everytime , usually at the ” i offer up to you this tribute” line. For a reason ive yet to figure out waterboys fishermans blues also gets me mumbling about something in my eye. There is a gorgeous pop song by Matthew jay called always going to soon as well linked to the fact that Matthew died horrendously young. In fact the more i think about it , this isn’t a surprise as i like the sad songs best

  2. Tank park salute by billy bragg gets me everytime , usually at the ” i offer up to you this tribute” line. For a reason ive yet to figure out waterboys fishermans blues also gets me mumbling about something in my eye. There is a gorgeous pop song by Matthew jay called always going to soon as well linked to the fact that Matthew died horrendously young.

  3. The first one that springs to mined for me is “The Captain” by Kacey Chambers. I normally don’t even give country songs the time of day (metaphorically speaking) but this one just clicked the first time I heard it.

  4. ‘Fairytale of New York’ usually gets me, especially when Kirsty comes in. In fact, just the sound of her voice on anything sets me off. The ‘Hurt’ video by Johnny Cash is another one, the bit where June looks longingly at Johnny with an eerily knowing look in her eye that says: “We ain’t got long, mate.”

    As for the Cure – agree with every word. I always think of my better half when I hear ‘Pictures Of You’. Not sure why, but I know she loves it too.

  5. a forest is better than mint car
    the head on the door and disintegration would play out a high scoring draw… and penalties would go either way…

  6. Re. Richard’s comments. Without wanting to inflame you, but you really should try listening to some real country music. It can be quite fabulous. Another fine article from South-West Correspondent. But I’m not going to join in the middle-aged man blub-fest today, sorry. Although Wabash Canonball by Lonnie Donegan has a certain effect on me.

  7. Having got into the Cure after they peaked, I’ve never bothered with Wild Mood Swings, However I do love mInt Car (always thought of it as Friday in Love Part II) and I adore the 13th.

    Bright Eyes was number one on the day I was born!!

  8. Did you know the late great Billy MacKenzie makes a cameo appearance in The Cure’s “Mint Car” video? They had been label mates on Fiction and Robert Smith did some BVs on “The Affectionate Punch” LP.

    Right here.

    Wild is the wig!

  9. If you pause the video at 1.29 that is Billy, staggering across the room with the crucifix, full glass and wild wig! The video was shot in the Summer of 1996. Over the next few months Billy would record “Achieved In The Valley Of Dolls” with Barry Adamson, “Anacostia Bay (at the edge of the world)” with Loom and “Pain In Any Language” with Apollo Four Forty. Career highlights and swansongs. Billy died in January 1997 at Auchterhouse.
    It is great to see him happy and laughing in a room full of his pals.

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