From wiki:-

Lord Cut-Glass is the current stage name of Alun Woodward. He is a singer-songwriter from Motherwell, formerly of the influential Glasgow based band the Delgados. The name, Lord Cut-Glass, comes from a character in the Dylan Thomas radio play Under Milk Wood.

His first full-length album, self-titled Lord Cut-Glass, was released on 22 June 2009.

He has, furthermore, contributed two other tracks under the moniker of Lord Cut-Glass. The first, “A Sentimental Song”, released in March 2007, was part of the Scottish indie/folk compilation Ballads of the Book with lyrics written by the author Alasdair Gray. It was released by record label Chemikal Underground which, as part of the Delgados, Woodward helped create in 1995. He also served as the record label’s director. Woodward has subsequently released one further track, “Maybe”, as part of the compilation Worried Noodles.

In 2007, The Guardian wrote of his performance for Ballads of the Book: “He is whispery, tremulous in the extreme, and his fragile folky melodies are bolstered with cello and violin; a definite trope in the Glasgow music scene.”

He played his debut solo set as part of Tigerfest in Dunfermline on 16 May 2009 where he premiered material from his first solo album.

In reviewing his self-titled album, The Scotsman called the work “unconventional yet strangely compromising, one of the year’s best.

The Scotsman reviewer was spot on.  It’s a very quirky but incredibly listenable album, quite different from the often straight-forward indie-pop of The Delgados.  There were a number of tracks that would have been excellent choices as singles, but just the one cut was lifted and made available on 7″ plastic and I’m delighted to offer it and its b-side as Part 74 of this series:-

mp3 : Lord Cut-Glass – Look After Your Wife
mp3 : Lord Cut-Glass – Over It


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