I wasn’t sure whether or not to include Lloyd Cole in this series.  He was born and raised for much of his life south of the border, but his most formative years, musically at least, were spent in and around Glasgow and certainly you’d be hard pushed to find anyone who wouldn’t describe Lloyd Cole & The Commotions as a Scottish band.

When that band surprisingly broke up at the end of the 80s, it was no real shock that Polydor  decided to keep on the frontman as a solo artist.  I’m not sure however, if they would have been all that happy with the change in direction that he undertook with his debut solo material – there was a very clear move away from indie/pop leanings into stuff that alienated many of his fans. This in turn led to poorer sales, albeit many critics welcomed him as a great addition  to the canon of serious (or po-faced if you want to be cruel) singer/songwriters. I think Lloyd himself was hoping to be embraced by America….but it just never really happened

He’s still going strong and remains a tremendous live act, more often than not just him, his guitar and his tales of life as a musician.  A number of his more recent LPs have had a lot to offer in quality now that he’s moved away from that raaaaawwwwk phase of the early solo stuff. Being honest, if it wasn’t that I was such a fan of his voice, I wouldn’t have all that much to offer positively about the debut solo single from 1990:-

mp3 : Lloyd Cole – No Blue Skies

mp3 : Lloyd Cole – Shelly I Do

What I do highly recommend from the early era is this 12″ creepy and atmospheric remix of a single lifted from his 1992 LP Don’t Get Weird On Me Babe…it’s one that I have a second-hand promo copy of picked up very cheaply:-

mp3 : Lloyd Cole – Butterfly (The Planet Ann Charlotte Mix)


2 thoughts on “SATURDAY’S SCOTTISH SINGLE (Part 72)

  1. Yeah, I always thought that Cole was Scottish and it wasn’t until I saw him live a few years back [finally!] that I noticed that he was in fact, British! After almost 30 years. Oops. The one of his that always passed my by was “Mainstream.” With a title like, that, why should I ever buy it?

  2. 1st saw the commotions when they toured Mainstream in november 87, it was my first gig, manchester apollo, great gig, really gutted when they then split up a year later and yes it was a new direction but having followed lc over the years i’ve been to many more great gigs, and great b-sides, its crazy he has not had more success and that he has to fund his new records by fan contributions, i suppose with most “tracks” now beingbripped and not bought, at least he is engaging with his music buying audience. Long may he keep going.

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